Pectin supplier china used in food is defined as a polymer containing at least 65% galacturonic acid units. The acid groups may be free or methylesterified sodium, potassium, calcium or ammonium salts. Amide groups may also be present in some commercial pectins.

The presence of L-rhamnose disrupts the regular structure, which can lead to a deviation known as “pectin elbow.” The L-rhamnose is connected by carbons 1 and 2.

Galacturonic Acid – Pectin supplier china

The proportion of galacturonic acid present in the methyl ester form is called the “Degree of Esterification” (DE) or “Degree of Methoxylation” and is expressed as a percentage. DE influences the behavior of pectin.

High methoxyl (HM) pectins are pectins with DE equal to or higher than 50, while low methoxyl (LM) pectins have a DE of less than 50. LM Pectin supplier china can be treated with acid or base. LM pectin can also be amidated (LMA) or non-amidated (LMC).

The degree of percent substitution of amide groups, defined as the “degree of amidation” (DA), is also very important for the properties of Pectin supplier china.

DE and DA provide a good classification of pectins, and while these values can help determine the expected behavior of pectin, other properties are better suited to define its function, such as SAG, set temperature, and viscosity.

Pectin has a very high degree of esterification (DE) in fruit. During the acid hydrolysis process used to extract it, some of the ester is converted to the free acid form, or saponified. Through careful control of this process, Pectin supplier china with different degrees of esterification are obtained. The higher the DE, the faster the setting rate, so depending on the DE, these pectins are classified as eg rapid setting (RS) or slow setting (SS).

LM pectin can generally be obtained by acid or alkaline hydrolysis. However, amidated LM pectin can only be produced by hydrolysis under alkaline conditions using ammonia solution. Under these conditions, some esters are converted to amide groups, a process that alters the rheology and calcium reactivity of pectin.

Proper preparation of the pectin solution is a critical initial preparation step. Incomplete dissolution is a common cause of unsatisfactory performance. A pectin that is easy to handle must have the following characteristics: good dispersibility, high dissolution rate and maximum solubility.

Pectin supplier china    solutions are stable in acidic environments (between pH 3.2 and 4.5) even at high temperatures. They are also stable for several hours at room temperature and in more alkaline conditions, but degrade rapidly at high temperatures.

HM pectin forms heat-resistant gels at low pH (less than 3.5) and high sugar concentration (more than 60% dry matter). LM pectin must be used when the dry matter is less than 60%. The pH and dry matter content ratio gel strength affects the gelation rate. Usually LMA pectins are thermally reversible. However, non-amidated LM pectin can form thermally stable gels.

Gel formation is not the only function of pectin, HM pectin is an excellent stabilizer for acidic milk beverages. They coat the casein particles, preventing them from aggregating to prevent precipitation problems. LM pectin can provide a wide range of textural and rheological properties, depending on the calcium concentration and calcium reactivity of the selected pectin.

HM pectin is also a very attractive soft drink viscosity enhancer. Here, pectin produces a mouthfeel similar to fruit juice, so it can be used in fruit juice drinks and low-calorie or diet drinks. In addition, HM pectin has the advantage of releasing a very clean flavor. In this case, viscosity arises solely from the behavior of pectin in solution.

From a nutritional point of view, pectin is a very nutritious dietary fiber. Early research suggests that it has physicochemical properties that may positively affect several biomarkers that affect cardiovascular and digestive function. It acts as a cholesterol-lowering agent, and preliminary research suggests it can affect gut health. Our working team is happy to provide the necessary information.