There are many uses for pectin. For example, we can use it to make strawberry jelly. It contains a lot of nutritional value. As a pectin manufacturer with many years of experience, we are honored to introduce to you what is pectin. And how to use pectin wholesale for strawberry jelly.

Pectin wholesale

Introduction of pectin

First of all, we first introduce what pectin is. Pectin is the general name of a class of polysaccharides, a group of polygalacturonic acid. It is an important component of the intercellular substance of plants, mainly formed by the condensation of galacturonic acid and its methyl ester. Pectin is also a natural food additive, which can use to make jams, jellies and other raw materials.

In daily life, people usually extract pectin from the peel of citrus. Usually yellow or white powder, with gel, thickening and emulsifying functions. People often use pectin in food production, such as jelly, lactic acid drinks and ice cream.

In addition, we can also use pectin to keep fruits fresh. It is water-soluble, we can use it to separate industrially, and its molecular weight is about 5 to 300,000. Under suitable conditions, its solution can form a gel and partly undergo methoxylation (methyl esterification, that is, the formation of methanol esters). Its main component is a(l,4)-D-polygalacturonic acid which is partially methyl esterified. The remaining carboxyl units exist in the form of free acids or form salts such as sodium, potassium, sodium, and calcium.

Here is how to make pectin wholesale for strawberry jelly

First, we wash the strawberries to remove the starch, and then stir them into a puree in a juice machine.

Secondly, after pectin soak in water, add water and boil until thick.

Then we wash the mint leaves and purple cabbage that we need. Then squeeze the juice separately in the juicer for later use.

Finally, add strawberry juice, mint juice, and purple cabbage juice to the pectin, stir well and set the shape.

In this way, the strawberry jelly made with pectin is complete.

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