Pectin is closely related to our lives. For example, we can use pectin to make strawberry preserves. Therefore, as a manufacturer of pectin, we will introduce the source of pectin and how to use pectin wholesale for strawberry preserves make strawberry candied fruit, and what role does pectin play in making strawberry preserves.

Pectin wholesale for strawberry preserves

Source of pectin

The proportion of pectin varies from source to source. Partially methylated pectic acid is called pectinic acid. About 20% to 60% of the carboxyl groups in natural pectin are esterified, and the molecular weight is 20,000 to 40,000. The crude pectin is a yellowish white powder, which dissolve in 20 parts of water to form a viscous, odorless solution, which negatively charge. Therefore, pectin is widely use in the food industry, and an appropriate amount of pectin wholesale can gelatinize ice cream, jam and fruit juice.

Pectin is a kind of natural polymer compound with good gelation and emulsification stability. It has been widely applied in food, medicine, daily chemical and textile industries. Pomelo peel is rich in pectin, with a content of about 6%, which is an ideal raw material for preparing pectin. There are three forms of pectin: pectin liquid, pectin powder and low methoxyl pectin. Among them, pectin powder is the most popular.

Pectin wholesale for strawberry preserves

The reason why pectin wholesale makes strawberry preserves

Although the basic recipe of strawberry candied fruit can usually thicken to a certain extent with only sugar, chefs who want the consistency of candied fruit to close jelly usually need to add pectin. This gelling element is a common requirement for various jam flavors. And we can find in both sweetened and unsweetened mixtures. Sugar-added pectin is a common substitute for candied fruit made from strawberries as mature as possible to obtain the best flavor.

Step of pectin wholesale for strawberry preserves

Chill the strawberries, sugar and pectin and stir in the refrigerator for about three hours, then thicken in boiling water. To prevent sugar from sticking to the sides of the pan, this mixture usually needs to continuously stir for about three to five minutes. Once the thickening is complete, add sugar, pectin, and the cooked fruit in the refrigerator for another 24 hours. We boil and stir the cooled fruit preserves for 5 minutes. Then use a spoon to transfer them to the preservation tank. We can usually keep strawberry preserves for the longest time. Moreover, it keep in fresh-keeping jars with rubber seals to prevent bacterial growth.

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