We always use collagen in our life. So pure collagen wholesale has also become popular. It also including porcine collagen wholesale. Because pig collagen is benefit to our body.

Collagen can come from a variety of sources. Such as fish, pigs, cows and chickens. You will find that most supplements on the market are take out from fish or pigs.

What is pig collagen?

Porcine collagen has a certain effect on the regeneration of skin membranes. When the woman is over 30 years old. Many people will find that their skin membranes will not regenerate. By absorbing porcine collagen, the skin can be protected from dryness. It can also effectively maintain youthful skin.

So, what is porcine collagen? It is collagen mainly take out from pig skin. Although the secret of longevity of Okinawa people is to eat pigs. But in fact, the amino acid composition of pigs is very similar to that of humans. They can promote the absorption of collagen. Beef collagen used to be very popular. But because of the mad cow disease in the early 2000’s. People’s demand began to turn to pig collagen. However, there are not enough pigs. This has led to the use of fish as another source. Collagen from pigs is considered very valuable.

Pork is currently one of the most popular meats in the world. Porcine collagen take out from pigs, especially bones and skin. Porcine collagen is an indispensable part of our diet. Although you may not have heard of pork collagen, you may have heard of pork gelatin. This is common in candy and jelly. This is take out from porcine collagen. You may have noticed that the liquid in the boiled pork broth turns into jelly as it cools. This is basically gelatin.

Pig collagen is benefit to our body

Pig collagen have many benefits

A large amount of evidence shows that pigs are one of the earliest domesticated animals in human history. This development may be the result of wild pig hunting. Therefore, when you consider the fact that porcine collagen is take out during cooking and is more digestible. When humans have been cooking pig for tens of thousands of years. It is prove that porcine collagen has become part of our diet.

Our ancestors benefited a lot from the consumption of porcine collagen. Because it contributes to best joint and bone health. This provides them with the ability to survive in the wild. It also provides the athletic abilities needed to build civilizations around the world. So pig collagen is benefit to our body.

How to use porcine collagen?

For thousands of years, fighting for survival meant that people could not waste. So our ancestors would eat whole pigs. Including trotters, bones and connective tissue. All of these contain high levels of collagen. These are boiled to form nutrient broths. Collagen makes broths thick and smooth. This will make our ancestors more comfortable in the cold winter. It is pig collagen benefit.

With the progress of civilization, people discover that collagen can take out from thick broth. And use this collagen as an ingredient. Eventually this evolved into aspic. It is a delicious jelly. Leading to the creation of various delicacies found in cuisines all over the world. Brown is a dish that originated in Europe and spread to other parts of the world.

Brown is usually pork head meat in frozen meat. Then slice and eat. Hence the name “head cheese”. To this day, different kinds of meat can be found all over the world. Aspic is also found in other famous dishes. When buying porcine collagen, quality and safety are very important. In order to get the cleanest and most effective collagen. Source collagen needs to go through a strict quality control process. That is, it must come from pigs with good welfare. And the manufacturing process needs to meet the highest requirements.

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