Gelatin always use in our life. It including fish gelatin, beef gelatin and pig gelatin. Pig gelatin can use in food industry. Our company, huaxuan gelatin is gelatin wholesale company. Then we will introduce pig gelatin to you.

What is pig gelatin?

Pork gelatin is a protein derived from collagen found in pig skin. It can use as an ingredient in thickening soups, jellies and puddings. It can also use as a coating for meat products. The process of making pig gelatin starts with boiling pork skin. Until it becomes a jelly-like consistency. Then it needs to dry before it becomes a powder. The skinless, boneless pieces of meat are boil for several hours with water and salt. Then extract the collagen. The collagen thickens to form gelatin. These proteins provide structure for the filling of processed meats and ice cream products. In addition, they can also use for medicinal purposes for wound healing after surgery. Because they including a lot of nutrients.

Compared with beef, pork gelatin has a lower melting point. Therefore, it is not apposite for high temperature applications. Such as meatballs or other dishes with fried ingredients. It is important to know what type of gelatin your recipe requires. So that you can do a better choice. Porcine gelatin is a derivative of porcine. Usually used to solidify sweet or salty liquids to make jelly.

When buying porcine gelatin. There are gelatin powder and leaf gelatin. Although both versions are made of porcine collagen. They need to be treated differently. Each will have slightly different results in the dishes. Therefore, for some recipes, one type may be recommend instead of another. There are alternatives to gelatin. It is also very suitable for special diets that avoid animal products.

Pig gelatin in food industry

How to make pig gelatin?

Porcine gelatin is take out from porcine collagen. Porcine collagen comes from the skin and bones of pigs. We can make pork bone soup at home. Thus, porcine gelatin is obtained. Because pig gelatin is widely use in our lives. So we can apply porcine gelatin in the food industry. Porcine gelatin has many benefits to our human body. Also can enhance our physical health.

If you often make bone broth, you will notice that porcine gelatin can be made. But once it is drain and the bones continue to boil with fresh water, the gelatin will reduce.

Add gelatin to the broth like this. Put 1/2 inch of cold filtered water in the bottom of the cup. Add 1 tablespoon of gelatin. Then evenly sprinkle on its surface. Let it dissolve on the water for 1 minute until it becomes wet and translucent. If necessary, add a little water and stir it. Add the very hot bone broth, fill the cup and stir. This cup of broth is now fortified. In addition to the healing properties of the gelatin-rich broth. It also contains the benefits of long stew.

Likewise, gelatin can be added to the remaining soup. Stir up to 1 tablespoon per serving to make cold soup or room temperature soup. Then stir, heat, and serve.

How to use pig gelatin in food industry?

Most people are familiar with using pig gelatin in desserts. The multiple flavors of porcine gelatin play an important role in this association. However, gelatin is also contain in recipes such as cold soups and fish molds.

We usually need gelatin to make certain candies and cranberry molds. This is largely related to retro recipes. For example, aspic and ham in frozen beef molds. This may have some shortcomings in terms of cooking. But it is an essential ingredient in several popular dishes. So we can use pig gelatin in the food industry. The consumption of porcine gelatin is also helpful to our body. It can replenish collagen in our body. So as to improve our body healthier.

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