Some people are vegetarian lovers. They don’t eat meat, so they won’t try ordinary capsules. Therefore, the plant gelatin empty capsules are in line with their requirements. As  gelatin capsule manufacturer, I will introduce vegetarian gelatin empty capsule to you.

plant capsule


What is a plant capsule?

Plant-derived capsules are soft. A hard capsule made from plant extracts such as cassava starch with added glycerin and purified water. In terms of storage conditions, plant capsules are nearly not brittle under low humidity conditions. In addition, the performance of the capsule shell remains stable under high temperature and high humidity. Besides, it will not affect by the indexes of plant capsules under extreme storage conditions. Plant capsule, take starch plant capsule as an example, from cassava planting to cassava starch extraction. In addition, reprocessing into capsules, raw materials natural and simple. As a result, the production process is pollution-free, animal-free, preservative-free, fungicide (ethylene oxide) free, and chemical additives free. Due to its plant inertia. Plant capsules are more suitable for packaging fish oil, plant extracts and other easily oxidized nutrients, helping to protect the nutritional activity of the content.

Benefits of vegetarian gelatin empty capsule

An empty capsule of plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharide. It retains all the advantages of a standard hollow capsule: it is easy to take, effectively hides taste and smell, and its contents are transparent and visible.

With the popularity of vegetarianism, the animal protein contained in animal gelatin capsules has gradually resist by vegetarians and certain religious and ethnic people who have special requirements for food. The return of plant capsules follows the historical trend. From the pharmaceutical industry, plant capsules have the following three advantages, which are not possess in tablets and animal gelatin capsules:

1. Vegetarian capsule has the concept of green environmental protection

Many plant gums extract by physical extraction methods, which are extract from marine and terrestrial plants. Furthermore, it will not produce rotten stench, also greatly reduce the amount of water used, and reduce environmental pollution. There is absolutely no environmental pollution during capsule production. In contrast to the waste produced by gelatin capsules, the plant capsule production process is almost “zero-emission”.

2. Vegetarian capsules represent the future development trend

Large international companies all adopt plant capsules. The United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) proposed that the future will gradually adopt plant capsules, completely separated from gelatin capsules. Feng Guoping, former deputy director of the Drug registration department of the China Food and Drug Administration, said: “The way in which plant capsules are artificially contaminated and the possibility is low is the fundamental way for plant capsules to replace animal capsules.” To address chronic diseases caused by capsule contamination.”

3. Vegetarian are widely accept vegetarian capsules

With the increase of people’s health awareness, the development of vegetarianism and the influence of religion and other factors. Ordinary gelatin capsules are also susceptible to rejection by dietary habits dictated by different ethnic and religious beliefs. Plant capsules are all natural and plant-based. Plant-based capsule products will become the leading direction of capsule product development. And will be recognized by different cultures, ethnic groups and religions. These products are certified by HALAL, KOSHER and the Vegetarian Society for their purely plant-based properties.