Peptone for bacterial culture

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As a manufacturer of peptones for culturing bacteria. Peptone for culturing bacteria is the best-selling product of our company. In terms of price, the price of our peptone for culturing bacteria is very favorable, and the product quality is also guaranteed.


We are a manufacturer of peptone for bacterial culture. We can use peptone to cultivate bacteria. This is a great application of peptone. The use of peptone for bacterial culture is also becoming more and more widespread. This is because peptone can solve all our needs for culturing bacteria.

High quality peptone for bacterial culture

Peptone is a pale yellow powder. It has good physical properties such as light color, easy solubility, transparency and no precipitation. We can use peptone as a medium for various microorganisms. Because peptone is rich in amino acids. It also contains vitamins that bacteria need to grow. Therefore, peptone for culturing bacteria is the basic raw material for the preparation of various media.

We can use peptone for culturing bacteria in the laboratory. In this way, peptone can be used as a medium for culturing bacteria. Because peptone can provide the nitrogen source needed for bacterial growth. Therefore, peptone for culturing bacteria is becoming more and more popular. High-quality peptone is an important raw material for culturing bacteria. Therefore, the quality of peptone for culturing bacteria is also very important.

Peptone for bacterial culture manufacturer

Our company’s products include peptone for culturing bacteria. This peptone is one of our company’s hot selling products. Not only do we manufacture peptones, we also manufacture gelatin and collagen. Peptone for culturing bacteria has become very popular in recent years. Many customers are willing to choose us to cooperate many times. Because we are very experienced in production. In terms of service, our staff will meet the needs of customers as soon as possible.

In terms of the quality of peptone for culturing bacteria, we strictly follow the national standard to produce it. So our peptones have no problem in quality. The peptones we produce for culturing bacteria can meet the needs of our customers. It can be used well in the laboratory. The peptones we produce are very high quality media. This is also a major advantage of our products.


April 18, 2022

The product use effect is very good.


April 26, 2022

The quality is good. The speed is also fast.


May 6, 2022

The package haven’t damage.


May 9, 2022

The parcel is tight and undamaged, and the delivery speed is fast.


May 17, 2022

The product was received, the seller delivered the goods very quickly, and the logistics was very good.


May 24, 2022

Good quality, very good.

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