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Condition: Raw Material
Certification: ISO9001
Standard: Powder
Customized: Customized
Material: Powder
Application: Midbody

Model NO. industrial collagen Bags 25kg Per Bag
Transport Package 25kg with Water-Proof Wooven Bag Specification ISO, FDA, SGS
Trademark collagen Origin China
HS Code 3504009000 Production Capacity 5000tons Per Year

We are high quality collagen for electroplating wholesale. Collagen is a adamant, insoluble and fibrous protein. It accounts for one-third of human body protein. Then in most collagens, these molecules clump together to form elongated fibrils. They act as support structures and support other cells. They impart strength and elasticity to the skin. There are at least 16 different types of collagen in our body, but 80% to 90% of them are types 1, 2 and 3. These different species have different constructions and properties. Collagen in the human body makes our body strong and flexible. Type 1 collagen fibers are particularly capable of being stretched.

Collagen is secreted by a variety of cells, but mainly by connective tissue cells. It exists in the extracellular matrix. So this is a complex macromolecular network. It determines the physical properties of our body tissues. In the dermis, or the middle layer of the skin, high quality collagen for electroplating helps form a network of cell fibers. Then this allows our new cells to grow on it. It also plays a role in replacing and repairing dead skin cells.

Some collagen acts as a protective layer for the body’s fragile organs. But our body will produces less collagen with the age growth. So the structural integrity of the skin is reduce. Wrinkles form and joint cartilage weakens. Collagen synthesis decreases dramatically in women after menopause. It is normal for collagen production to drop significantly by age 60.

dermal fillers

Collagen injections can improve skin contours and fill in depressions. High quality collagen for electroplating can be used to cosmetically remove fine lines and wrinkles from the face. It can also improve scars as long as they don’t have sharp edges.

These fillers come from humans and cows. A skin test should be done before using collagen from cows to avoid aggravating any allergies. Collagen can fill relatively superficial volumes. Wider gaps are often fill with substances such as fat, silicone, or implants.

wound dressing

Collagen can support cure wounds by attracting new skin cells to the wound site. Therefore it promotes healing and provides a platform for new tissue to grow. High quality collagen for electroplating dressings can help heal many wounds on our body.

guide tissue regeneration

Collagen have been used in periodontal and implant treatments to promote the growth of specific types of cells. During oral surgery, collagen prevents fast-growing cells around the gums from migrating to wounds on teeth. This saves room for tooth cells to have a chance to regenerate. In these cases, collagen can aid healing and they are resorbable, so surgical removal of this barrier is not required after major surgery.


March 15, 2022

The collagen is so great. The package is good and the shipping is fast. The seller service is very patient!


March 15, 2022

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Good quality and great packaging!


March 17, 2022

I like it very much, the seller’s service is very good!


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The seller has a good service attitude and will cooperate again.


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The seller is very good and will cooperate again soon.


March 25, 2022

Collagen very easy to use.


April 14, 2022

The product quality is very good.


April 18, 2022

The seller was very patient and answered many questions.

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