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Collagen Tripeptide (CTP)

Product Name: Collagen Tripeptide (CTP), Tripeptide collagen type III
English name: Collagen tripeptide (CTP)

Extraction source: The smallest structural unit of collagen prepared from pig skin and fish skin using advanced biological engineering technology. Amino acid)-X (other amino acids). Those with such three amino acid pieces are called “tripeptides”.

Product Appearance: White or Off-White granular or powder

Specification: 1*10kgs, 1*20kgs, 1*25kgs
Mesh sieve aperture: 80-100 mesh
Molecular Weight: More than 98% of the hydrolysate has a molecular weight of less than 300Da
Detection method: HPLC
Production process: Enzymatic hydrolysis

Storage conditions: This product should be sealed and shaded, avoid high temperature, and stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place

Minimum order quantity: 1kg
Packaging method: 10kg/carton, 20kg/bag, 25kg/drum for bulk goods, 1kg/aluminum foil bag for sample, generally according to the company’s internal label uniform template.
Validity Period: Two to three years

What is collagen tripeptide:

The smallest structural unit and functional unit of collagen is collagen tripeptide (CTP for short), which has a molecular weight of about 300D. Some one call it as collagen type III.
Collagen in food is composed of about 3000 amino acid chains. Ordinary collagen supplements are composed of about 30-100 amino acid chains.
CTP is the smallest unit of collagen, composed of 3 amino acids. CTP is different from macromolecular collagen and can be directly absorbed by the intestinal tract.
One characteristic of CTP is that it can be preferentially absorbed by collagen-related organs, such as skin, bones, cartilage, and tendons.
In addition, the functions of CTP have been confirmed, such as activating the body’s ability to produce new collagen and hyaluronic acid, strengthening bones and tendons, etc.

Features of collagen tripeptide:

1. Collagen is composed of collagen tripeptide, and collagen tripeptide is the smallest structural unit of collagen.
2. The molecular weight of collagen tripeptide is only 280-500D (Daltons).
3. The collagen tripeptide is a functional unit, which means that the collagen tripeptide is biologically active.



Collagen tripeptide is the smallest structural unit of collagen

Collagen is composed of (glycine-XY)n. When n=1, (glycine-XY) is called collagen tripeptide, which means that collagen tripeptide is composed of three amino acids, which is why it is called The reason for the tripeptide. In addition to glycine in the structure, X is usually proline or hydroxyproline, and Y is other kinds of amino acids (such as serine, glutamic acid, etc.). Therefore, collagen tripeptide is not only the smallest structural unit, but also retains the amino acid nutrition of collagen:

Glycine: An important amino acid that composes the peptide chain of collagen. Only in the presence of glycine can a complete peptide chain be formed and can stabilize the molecular structure of collagen. Glycine has protective properties for cell proliferation;

Proline: One of the amino acids composed of collagen, which is needed by the body to produce collagen and cartilage. It plays an important role in keeping muscles and joints flexible, and is also a source of hydroxyproline.

Hydroxyproline: It is a characteristic amino acid of collagen. It helps rebuild collagen in the body and regenerate and renew elastin. It is a vehicle for transporting calcium in plasma to bone cells.

In proteomics, Dalton (in honor of the outstanding chemist John Dalton) is used to define the mass of a molecule. For example, the molecular mass of glycine is 75D and the molecular mass of proline is 115D. When amino acids are composed of collagen tripeptide, its molecular weight is about 200~500D, and mainly concentrated around 280D. This can be verified by HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), confirming that the molecular weight of collagen tripeptide is mainly concentrated in 280D, while the molecular weight of collagen peptide is larger than that of collagen tripeptide. Between 1000~3000D, the molecular weight of collagen is larger, reaching Around 300,000.
Comparing with scanning electron microscope photos, the molecular structure of collagen tripeptide is much smaller than collagen peptide and collagen. It is precisely because of such a small molecular structure and a molecular weight of 280D that collagen tripeptide exhibits superiority in many aspects such as absorption, permeability, and safety in the human body.

Collagen tripeptide is biologically active

We know that collagen is a type of protein with a unique structure. It is widely found in mammals. It is the main structural element of connective tissue and is closely related to the body’s disease and aging. Collagen is one of the hard proteins. It is the most abundant protein in the human body, accounting for about 25% of the total protein. It is a structural protein of the extracellular matrix of animal tissues. It mainly exists in animal skin, bone, tendon, ligament and In connective tissue and other parts.
Because collagen is a macromolecular compound, it needs to be metabolized in the body into small molecule peptides to play a role. Numerous domestic and foreign studies have proved that collagen tripeptide can not only quickly supplement the body’s collagen nutrition, but also can play a variety of physiologically active functions, such as beauty and skin care, calcium and bone, anti-oxidation, and endocrine regulation.

The effect of collagen tripeptide

1. Moisturizing
Collagen tripeptide is a kind of natural moisturizing factor with strong hydrophilicity, which can lock the moisture in the skin very strongly, keep the skin moist and tender at all times, and can also play a stable skin care effect.

2. Brighten the skin
Collagen tripeptide has a strong water-locking effect, so it will make the skin more moisturized, and the skin’s color will become brighter, which can emit a healthier brilliance.

3. Tighten the skin
Collagen tripeptides are easily absorbed by the skin and can be absorbed in the belly of the chicken to fill the skin between the dermis, which can make the skin firmer and make the skin tighter and more elastic. .

4. Nourish the skin
The permeability of collagen tripeptide can be said to be very strong. It can enter the dermis of the skin and directly participate in improving the metabolism of skin cells. It will also increase the activity of collagen in the skin, thereby improving the skin cells. The living environment promotes the metabolism of skin tissues, so as to achieve the purpose of moisturizing the skin.

5. Fade fine lines
Collagen tripeptide can not only moisturize the skin, but also resist the effect of fine lines, because the dermis is rich in collagen. By supplementing collagen tripeptide, it can achieve a good effect of diminishing fine lines and anti-wrinkle.

6, the effect of breast enhancement
The collagen tripeptide contains a unique hydroxyproline component, which can tighten the skin, make loose tissues firmer, and make breasts more straight, plump and elastic.

There are many functions and functions of collagen tripeptide. It can not only improve skin elasticity, penetrate the skin and moisturize the skin, but also improve the wrinkle problem of the skin, especially the regulation of hormone levels in the skin. And it has a good effect on maintaining endocrine balance. If you want to stay young, you can use collagen tripeptide every day.

The appearance of collagen:

The collagen tripeptide is in the form of white or milky white powder and is easily soluble in water.
1. After dissolving, it is transparent and clear, without impurities, with a slight color like egg white, which is the true color of collagen

2. There is no unpleasant fishy smell that is repellent, and there is a slight fishy smell. This is also normal, and the protein itself has a fishy smell.

3. At present, there are two types of collagen form in the market, powder and granule. The powder is very fine. You may take a breath, and the powder will be bleached everywhere. The granules are refined from powder and are also pure collagen. Peptide, no other additives, the difference in color between the two, after the powder is pressed into granules, due to the increase in density, it will appear darker than the fine powder, not as white as the fine powder, these are normal.

Preservation of collagen tripeptides:

The general shelf life is 2-3 years, and it must be sealed very well daily. Store it in a cool and dry place. If you open the bag, use it as soon as possible, don’t leave it for a long time. Collagen tripeptide is derived from animal skin. Its protein content is high. It is very active, and it is easy to be oxidized and affected by moisture.
After the large package is opened, If you do not used up at a time, it will absorb moisture after being exposed to the air for a period of time. When the collagen tripeptide is exposed to the air for a long time and absorb moisture, it will even lose its effect, which affects the effect and quality. .

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