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Fish collagen powder manufacturer

We are a fish collagen powder manufacturer and can provide small batch fish collagen powder wholesale services. On this page, we will present focus on the processing technology and efficacy of the pure collagen powder we produce.

Fish collagen is collagen extracted from fish, especially fish skin, fish scales and fish bones. Fish collagen is special because it comes from such a rich marine source, which means it is bioavailable. It is a type of collagen that can be found almost anywhere in the body except cartilage tissue. Supplementing fish collagen has been shown to greatly benefit the skin and promote overall health.

Our product specifications

ColorOff White
Particle Size<0.35mm95%
Ash %1±0.25
Fat %2.5±0.5
Moisture %5±1
Nutritional Data(Calculated On Spec)
Nutritional Value Per 100g Product
KJ/399 Kcal
Protein (N*5.55) G/100g92.5
Carbohydrates G/100g1.5
Microbiological Data
Total Bacterial<1000 Cfu/G
Yeast & Moulds<100 Cfu/G
SalmonellaAbsent In 25g
E. Coli<10 Cfu/G
PackageMax.10kg net paper bag with inner liner
Max.20kg net drum with inner liner
Storage ConditionClosed package at approx. 18℃ and a humidity <50%
Shelf LifeIn case of intact package and up to the above storage requirement, the valid period is two years.


  1. The role and benefits of fish collagen​
  2. The processing process of fish protein​
  3. What is fish collagen?​
  4. How to use fish collagen powder?​

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    The role and benefits of fish collagen powder

    Fish collagen powder, also known as marine collagen powder, is virtually a collagen from fish. In short, it is better than other collagens in bioavailability and absorption. Because it has the smallest particle size and lowest molecular weight among all other collagen types. It is very beneficial to the health of skin and bones.

    We mentioned a lot about fish collagen, but we are sure you want to know what health benefits collagen can actually provide you and how to use collagen to improve your skin health. The following are the health benefits of fish collagen powder.

    Become Young again

    Fish collagen has become quite a beauty craze. That’s because collagen has many benefits for the skin. Fish collagen have anti-aging characteristics, especially for your skin. The collagen in our skin actually begins to decompose at a young age. As we age, we will continue to lose more and more of our own collagen. Taking into account the collagen in our skin, supplementing it is very important for maintaining healthy, happy, and youthful skin.

    Fish collagen can decrease the emerge of cellulite in our skin and the number of wrinkles . In addition, supplementing fish collagen may help improve the skin’s moisture, firmness, smoothness, elasticity and softness.

    Say goodbye to ugly scars

    This is all thanks to fish collagen powder. It will be your skin’s best friend. An important ingredient of the skin is collagen. In other words, the fate of your wound condition really depends on your collagen. Fish collagen can not only build it also repairs. Fish collagen may help reduce scars and ensure faster healing. The role of this type of collagen in promoting protein synthesis and cell proliferation has been studied.

    Collagen can support the strength of skin tissue by regenerating the extracellular matrix of the skin. All in a nutshell, fish collagen can promote skin regeneration after a variety of skin injuries and deformations, from scratches to burns to scars.

    Help strengthen your bones

    Skin is not the only part of the body that can benefit from supplementing fish collagen. The organic matrix of our bones is collagen. One of the most common signs of aging is bone loss. This can lead to osteoporosis, a disease suffered by millions of people worldwide.

    Although minerals such as phosphorus and calcium are very helpful in promoting and maintaining bone strength, they are not easily absorbed into the blood. This is why many people are at risk of bone disease due to bone loss and mineral deficiencies. Fish collagen can help your bones strengthen by supporting the absorption process of calcium and other minerals essential for bone strength.

    Supplementing fish collagen powder may help stimulate collagen synthesis in bones, which is done by promoting osteoblasts. This means that if you want regenerate and heal your bones,you can eat fish collagen.

    It can stabilize your blood sugar

    The various benefits of glycine to the human body have been studied, and the glycine content of fish collagen is uniquely higher than that of any other type of collagen. Fish collagen is rich in glycine. Eating fish collagen can help stabilize your blood sugar. Researchers recently discovered evidence that low levels of glycine in the body may lead to insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes. Therefore, stabilizing blood sugar levels can be achieved by supplementing glycine-rich fish collagen.
    Reduce inflammation and fight bacteria

    Hydrolyzed fish collagen powder is composed of biologically active peptides with antioxidant properties. These properties help reduce reactive oxygen species, which are unstable molecules containing oxygen, which can cause tissue aging and expose people to a higher risk of cancer. Antioxidant supply can rely on fish collagen to fight against the accumulation of reactive oxygen species, strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation.

    The same bioactive peptide found in fish collagen powder also has antibacterial properties. These peptides, especially the peptide collagen, may help inhibit infection and the growth of disease-causing bacteria. Research is working hard to explore whether fish collagen peptides have the potential of antibiotics.
    Promote quality sleep

    Fish collagen powder manufacturer research shows, the most abundant amino acid in fish collagen powder, has a good sleep support effect. A study has shown that taking glycine before going to bed helps maintain a satisfactory level of self-perceived sleep quality. It also suggests that glycine may help maintain core body temperature, which is related to better sleep. Unstable peaks and drops in blood sugar can also interfere with sleep quality, and fish collagen can help maintain it.

    Keep your exercise effect

    The concentrated source of amino acids is collagen, which helps your body produce creatine. In turn, creatine has been shown to help support muscle mass and athletic performance. It is also an important source of proline, which acts as an antioxidant and helps monitor cell damage that can cause pain after exercise.

    The fish collagen powder produced by the collagen powder manufacturer is can do many things for your skin and other organs and functions. Fish collagen can reduce wrinkles and cellulite, improve skin moisture and skin elasticity. Fish collagen can also help heal scars, strengthen bones, stabilize blood sugar, and even fight bacteria. In other words, fish collagen is the good anti-aging protein.


    The processing process of fish collagen powder

    Fish collagen comes from fish. This may not be surprising to you. However, the abundance of marine resources is the reason why most fish collagen comes from fish. It is estimated that many fish by-products are thrown away as waste. Fish skin rich in collagen is usually a large part of it. Collagen can be extracted not only from fish skin, but also from fish scales, fins and bones.

    Marine collagen and fish collagen are often used interchangeably, however, marine collagen does not necessarily come from saltwater fish. Some marine collagen may be derived from shellfish and jellyfish.

    In addition, it is important to consider whether these fish were caught wild or raised on the farm. Fish raised on farms are usually fed antibiotics and treated with insecticides. Therefore, when you eat farm-raised fish, you may ingest unwanted antibiotics and pesticides. Wild-caught fish have more benefits, including lower mercury content and higher nutrient concentration.

    Most importantly, the bioavailability of fish collagen is the highest among other types of collagen. This means that fish collagen can be absorbed by your body the fastest. Fish collagen has the smallest particle size, so it breaks down faster than other collagen and is easier to absorb by the body. In the case of collagen hydrolysis, fish collagen can enter your blood at a higher rate. You will quickly benefit from fish collagen supplements.

    Let's Pure collagen manufacturer explain the fish collagen powder in detail

    First, fish collagen is composed of type I collagen, while other collagen products may be different. Therefore, fish collagen is an ideal choice for the skin. Fish collagen is also one of the most bioavailable collagens among other types, so it has the fastest absorption rate. The collagen in fish has the smallest particle size and is easier to break down and enter the bloodstream.

    When looking for the right fish collagen for you, please do research and read the label. Due to its soft structure, fish collagen, which is mainly derived from fish skin, has more benefits. Choose wild-caught fish collagen. They have more benefits and are less likely to contain unwanted antibiotics or pesticides.

    The bodies of all animals, including humans, contain a large amount of protein, namely collagen. Collagen can add structure and strength to our skin, organs, bones, tendons and ligaments. Collagen including glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. Fish collagen have plays an important role in the our body.

    In terms of what this structure is and the role of collagen in it, think of your skin as a mattress. Collagen is the frame around the mattress and provides the necessary support, shape and structure. Unfortunately, the older we are, the more our collagen levels begin to drop. As time goes by, our body produces less and less collagen. It can also produce lower quality collagen. More importantly, the sun’s ultraviolet rays, pollution and smoking will speed up the consumption of our collagen levels.

    How to use fish collagen powder?

    You can use it to bake, cook, or even put it in popsicles. It’s all up to you, there are many options to try. Stirring it into a glass of water or juice is one of the most convenient ways to take fish collagen powder. Although it comes from fish, marine collagen has no taste. It smells a little fishy, but there is no smell.

    Another popular way to drink is to mix collagen powder into coffee or tea. Just make sure you stir to completely dissolve it to avoid any lumps that are spoiled by brewing. There are many different arguments about the timing of collagen. One view is that the first thing in the morning should be to take collagen powder on an empty stomach.

    Another theory is that because the skin is repaired and rejuvenated during sleep, it is best to drink collagen powder at night. But all experts in the field agree that as long as you take a high enough dose of collagen to observe the difference, there is no best time to take supplements. Most people agree that the minimum amount is 5 grams.

    It has been found that collagen derived from fish and the amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline are easily absorbed. Because it can be found throughout the body, consuming more fish collagen powder is good for joints, skin, vital organs, blood vessels, digestion and bones. It reduces the level already associated with joint degeneration and is therefore a symptom of aging. Hydroxyproline is necessary for the stability of collagen.This reaction also requires vitamin C, which is why a deficiency of vitamin C can cause abnormal collagen levels.

    Whether you take a lot of food or not, the breakdown of fish collagen powder supplements is the same. Compared to any other time of the day, there is no evidence that taking it before bedtime has any improved results. Collagen contains a lot of glycine, and scientists believe that this amino acid can promote a good night’s sleep.More evidence of effectiveness has been found in other natural sleep aids.

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