We’re familiar with collagen, but what exactly is collagen? What benefits does it have? As collagen supplier, I will introduce collagen to you.

Collagen powder is a very popular nutritional supplement nowadays. Although classified as a protein powder like whey or soy protein, collagen functions differently in the body. There are many different benefits. Collagen has been on the market for a long time in the form of gelatin, but powders have recently become more widely available.

supplier introduce collagen

Supplier introduce collagen

What is collagen?

First, we introduce what is collagen to you. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, accounting for almost one third of the total protein content of the body. Collagen is the largest structural protein in connective tissues, such as muscles and joints, and helps increase flexibility and the ability to stretch muscles. Our bodies produce collagen on their own. But additional benefits can be provided through diet or nutritional supplements.

How does collagen work in the body?

Second, we introduce how does collagen work in the body. Collagen is actually quite different from whey or soy protein supplements. Because the body is able to produce collagen itself, the body maintains a balance between collagen breakdown and production based on the amount of amino acids in the system. When collagen is broken down into smaller pieces, the body automatically produces more collagen. So by ingesting hydrolyzed collagen, the body thinks it has detected a drop in collagen levels and produces more.

The role of collagen

Third, we introduce the role of collagen to you. There are actually more than a dozen different forms of collagen, but there are four main types of collagen that play a key role in the body.

Type I collagen

This type accounts for up to 90 percent of the majority of collagen in the body and is the dense type. Provides structure for a variety of body components including teeth, skin, bone and cartilage.

Collagen type 2

Supplier introduce collagen type 2 to you. This type of collagen is more elastic and stretchy than type 1 collagen and is less dense, primarily to provide cushioning for joints.

Collagen type 3

Type 3 collagen provides structure for arteries, organs and muscles. It is usually combined with type 1 collagen to boost the health of skin, hair and nails.

Collagen type 4

Type 4 collagen is essential for skin health, acting as a filter between the external environment and the body.

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