We are a pectin supplier with many years of experience. There are some methods for preparing pectin. As a pectin supplier we will introduce the production method of pectin to you.

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Supplier pectin preparation method

Traditional acid extraction

Supplier pectin preparation method. The traditional industrial pectin production method is acid extraction, and the acid used can be sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, etc. In order to improve the color of the finished pectin, sulfurous acid can also use. The basic principle is to use pectin to be hydrolyzed in dilute acid solution. The original pectin in the peel is hydrolyzed into water-soluble pectin. Thereby, the pectin is transfer from the orange peel to the water phase, generating water-soluble pectin. Then the pectin is separated by precipitation or salting out. Moreover, metal salting out or organic solvent (ethanol) precipitation method is commonly used in industry.

(1) Alcohol precipitation method

The way pectin supplier usually prepare pectin is alcohol precipitation. Alcohol precipitation is a method that is often use and the earliest to realize industrial production. The basic principle is to take advantage of pectin’s insoluble characteristics in alcohol solvents and add a large amount of alcohol. An alcohol-water mixture is form in the aqueous solution of pectin to precipitate the pectin. The precipitated pectin block is squeeze, wash, dry and crush to obtain the finished product. Other solvents such as isopropanol can also use instead of alcohol. The specific extraction process: raw material pretreatment-acid extraction-filtration-concentration-ethanol precipitation-filtration-low temperature drying-crushing, standardization-finished pectin

(2) Salting out method

The multivalent metal salt precipitation method is currently widely use in production. The specific method is: adding a certain amount of MgCl2, CuCl2 or AlCl3 to the pectin solution and then adjusting the pH with ammonia. Make it form a basic metal salt, and this basic metal salt forms a complex with pectin to precipitate out. After desalting, rinsing and drying, the finished pectin is obtain. Then, the specific process is: orange peel residue-rehydration-enzyme inactivation-rinsing-draining-acid extraction-filtration-salt precipitation-suction filtration-washing-drying-crushing-product.

The first salting-out method proposed is the aluminum salt method. However, the aluminum salt method has low yield, poor precipitation properties, and difficult operation. Later, the iron salt method was propose, and the iron salt method had a higher yield. However, its precipitation color is too deep, which increases the difficulty of decolorization, so it is not ideal. The mixed salting-out method uses iron-aluminum mixed salt to precipitate pectin. The obtained precipitate has good properties, is easy to separate, has a lighter color, and has a higher yield. It is a better method of precipitating pectin.


As pectin supplier, we have many advantages in the preparation of pectin. For example, the acid extraction method is the oldest industrial pectin production method, and it has a more comprehensive review in 1925. Precipitating pectin with alcohol is traditional and sophisticated, the process is relatively simple, various conditions are relatively easy to control, there is no pollution, and the obtained pectin is of good quality and high purity. The salting-out method consumes less alcohol and the total energy consumption is less. The interest rate×viscosity index is smaller than that of the alcohol-out method. This method has the advantages of low production cost and better pectin quality.

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