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The role of pectin

Pectin is find in all fruits and vegetables. Especially Apple. This is a soluble fiber. It has many features that are beneficial to our body. Pectin can reduce cholesterol content. But other properties of pectin are actually more important. Pectin is almost completely fermented by bacteria in the intestines. These beneficial bacteria can synthesize vitamins. It protects the colon and inhibits harmful bacteria and yeast.

The intake of pectin in the diet can promote the excretion of fat in feces. This helps reduce the prevalence of sex hormone-related cancers. The pectin content in apples is high. This is conducive to expelling too much hormone from the body. Supplementing pectin in beverages or diet can significantly reduce the concentration of hypoglycemia. Pectin consumption for diabetic patients is beneficial to the treatment of diabetes. But this effect depends on whether the pectin is in the intestines when the blood glucose concentration is high. At the same time, pectin has the effect of stabilizing blood sugar concentration. It helps to reduce blood sugar concentration. At the same time, it reduces the occurrence of symptoms such as rapid changes in mood and energy.

The amazing benefits of pectin

The formation of pectin

Pectin is an acidic substance can find in plants. It generally exists as a powder. The color is pale yellow. It also has a slightly sour taste. And the water solubility is better. It is widely used in many fields. For example, pectin is used to make thickeners on foods. There are many benefits to using cosmetics containing pectin. It can protect human skin very well. At the same time prevent ultraviolet radiation and radiation. It can also help beauty and beauty. If there are wounds on the skin, pectin can also to use.

Pectin exists in the cell wall and inner cell layer of plants. It is also a support material for internal cells. Different vegetables and fruits have different tastes. It is mainly determined by the difference in the content of pectin contained in them and the pectin molecule. The ratio of pectin from different sources is also different. Pectin is often use in the food industry. The right amount of pectin can curdle ice cream, jam and fruit juice.

The advantages of it

Both pectin and lignin are dietary fiber. But the pectin is a water-soluble dietary fiber. The lignin is a non-water-soluble dietary fiber. Water-soluble dietary fiber can dissolve in water. Including sticky substances such as pectin and vegetable glue. These are all water-soluble dietary fibers. And the fiber or lignin of vegetables and beans. These are all insoluble dietary fiber.

Water-soluble dietary fiber can include lipids. It can be combined with acid. It can also reduce the amount of lipid digestion and absorption. And it has the effect of softening feces and being easy to excrete from the body. Insoluble dietary fiber can stimulate gastrointestinal motility and increase stool volume. So no matter what kind of dietary fiber can promote smooth bowel movements. It can also help prevent constipation. So the amazing benefits of pectin can help us.

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