With the loss of collagen in the human body, we need to obtain collagen from other sources. So we can choose pure collagen wholesale. Among them, fish collagen is a good choice. Because the benefits of fish collagen are so many.

The benefits of fish collagen

Smooth the fine lines, repair wrinkles whitening skin, light spots to imprint

German research scholar makes clear, the polypeptide in collagen can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, reduce the formation of color spot. Collagen has a unique healing effect on the skin. It binds to the surrounding tissue. And effectively promote skin cell regeneration, repair skin pox scar. The benefits of fish collagen

Keep water replenishing, filling and moisturizing skin

The unique triple helix structure of collagen can effectively lock moisture and form a large number of hydrophilic groups. Therefore, collagen has strong water storage performance. And can maintain the necessary moisture of the skin to replenish irerui collagen. It can restore the moisture and luster of the skin.

The benefits of fish collagen shrink pores and tighten skin

After the skin absorbed collagen, the water retention capacity of the skin is increased. So as to maintain the balance between water and oil of the skin. And avoid the situation of excessive oil secretion, long-term blockage and enlarged pores. In addition, collagen can increase the tightness of the skin, narrow the pores. And make the skin closer and more elastic. The benefits of fish collagen

The benefits of fish collagen remove dark circles and bags under the eyes

The loss of collagen can lead to sagging of the eye tissues. Because the skin around the eyes is weaker. Collagen is in the top 10, and some people are prone to blood buildup. Produces dark circles and replenishes Iller’s collagen. It can make skin tight structure, blood does not stay in the gap, black rim of the eye, pouch does not natural form. The benefits of fish collagen

Rich connective tissue, straight breasts

The breast is mainly composed of connective tissue. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue. Collagen and polyglycoproteins are interwoven into a network. Produces a certain mechanical strength. Collagen supplements can restore the elasticity and strength of collagen fibers. Keep your breasts full and straight.

Lose weight and build up your body, sleep and reduce fat

Losing weight requires burning fat (catabolism). Taking collagen before bed can prolong this catabolic process and burn more. The benefits of fish collagen

The benefits of fish collagen election method of fish

It is better choose for pure powder original protein powder. Fish glue is better than the capsule dissolves absorption. At the same time, there is no add liquid preservative. Such as pour isinglass original protein powder on the prepared a piece of white paper. It will isinglass protein powder compared with white color. The color bright, the more close to the color of the white paper quality, the pure, the better.

Poor quality fish collagen has an unpleasant fishy smell. And good quality fish collagen only has a faint fishy smell. The benefits of fish collagen

Fish collagen powder – How to take it

Isinglass protein powder in principle is eat before sleeping. 5 grams per day, send a spoon (one scoop of 5 grams less than point), one spoon more each day. Warm water, cold water, honey, fruit juice, milk, yogurt can be dissolved, external use, bright skin water, warm water dissolves figure can be open directly face before going to sleep, or do the mask to add, just 0.3 grams. The benefits of fish collagen.

There are the benefits of fish collagen. As the most professional pure collagen wholesale manufacturer. If you want to buy it or want to know more product information, please feel free to contact us.