We use capsules in many aspects. So we know the benefits of use capsules. Only we study to use it, we can apply it in our life better.

Gelatin capsules are also soft gels. It has a shell containing active ingredients and all fillers. The internal ingredients must be in the form of liquid, paste or suspension. The small particles of the active ingredient are suspend in the liquid. We use gelatin to make the shell, usually from beef or pork. Gelatin can provide durability and flexibility. Gelatin capsules have many benefits to manufacturers and consumers who use drugs and supplements.

It can easy to digest

Studies have shown that gelatin capsules will digest and dissolve within a few minutes before reaching the stomach. This ensures that the medicine or supplement does not pass through the digestive system without absorb by stomach. This is also the benefits of capsules.

Gelatin capsules can make by mixing glycerin with water. It is then make into small capsules that are easy to swallow. Capsules are a quick and effective way to swallow supplements. Once in your system, the capsule will digest quickly so your body can absorb it.

On the other hand, the use of capsule shells can increase the benefits of nutrients. Through stabilization or other techniques. Manufacturers can increase the effectiveness of nutrients such as herbal extracts. These methods will are not possible with solid materials.

The benefits of use capsules

The benefits of capsules have sealed tightly

It is well known that unlike any other types of capsules, soft gelatin capsules are sealed and airtight. It is also capsules benefits. This makes them tamper-proof. Because if there is any puncture on the surface, it will cause obvious damage. In addition, the capsule will protects the active ingredients from oxygen. This is especially important for substances that are prone to spoilage. If the capsule is opaque, it can also prevent the active elements from light. So that certain substances will not deteriorate due to light.

Studies have shown that gelatin is generally harmless and safe to eat. Because it usually comes from pork or beef. Gelatin contains a small amount of protein and amino acids. However, if a person is allergic to beef or pork, or does not want to consume them. It can easily empty the capsule without any gelatin, and then pour it into water or juice. So as to better use capsules, it is have many benefits.

When we consuming the capsule

Due to its smooth texture, capsules are easier to swallow than tablets. They also hide the taste and smell of substances such as fish oil. These smells can make people feel unpleasant.

The capsule does not dissolve in the mouth, so it is very suitable for formulations that do not require activation due to acid exposure. The coating prevents the capsule from dissolving in the oral cavity and esophagus area. Many drugs can cause irritation to the stomach if they are released in the mouth. When using a capsule, the preparation will pass through the stomach without irritating the inner wall of the stomach.

Enteric-coated capsules can also protect any enzymes exist in the capsule from dissolving in the acidic environment of the stomach area. This type of capsule usually takes an hour or two to dissolve. So it is very suitable for time-sensitive drugs.

So these all capsules benefits. If you want more, you can contact [email protected]