The one function of gelatin piece is use gelatin piece to make peach custard. We are a gelatin wholesaler with many years. The function of gelatin has a wide range of applications in food. The production of meat products, minced meat, frozen meat, candy, ice cream, yogurt products, beer clarification and other foods is inseparable from edible gelatin. Today we will introduce you use gelatin piece to make peach custard.

Make peach custard with wholesale gelatin

Production and function of gelatin piece

Enzyme catalyzes the degradation of collagen to prepare gelatin. Compared with the traditional alkaline method for preparing gelatin, the production cycle will be greatly shortened.

The method of enzymatic hydrolysis: treat the crushed bone or skin collagen with an enzyme solution. Then it is stirred in an acidic solution to obtain a collagen solution. Then neutralize to the isoelectric point of collagen with alkali or salt out with salt to obtain collagen fiber precipitation. Separate the precipitate and heat it to obtain gelatin. The other is enzyme liming. The enzyme solution is use to replace the lime milk in the traditional alkali method to treat collagen or skin. Then follow the traditional method to complete the rest of the process. This process method is more suitable for the preparation of bone gelatin than the first method. The general process of enzymatic glue preparation: leather-pretreatment-enzymatic hydrolysis-enzyme passivation-sol-separation and purification-finished product. The function of gelatin is emulsifying, thickening, clarifying and so on.

Steps to make peach custard with gelatin piece

Step 1. Wash the peaches, peel and dice them, soak 2 pieces of gelatin slices in ice water to soften them.

Step 2. Pour milk, whipped cream, and white sugar into the pot, heat it on a low fire until slightly smoked, then add the soaked gelatin pieces, stir and mix well( here the function of gelatin pieces is emulsifying).

Step 3. Pour into the mold, add the pre-cut peach diced, and then put it in the refrigerator for about 6 hours and take it out.

Step 4. Melt the white chocolate in water, insert the chopsticks into the middle of the bottom of the custard and pick it up. Furthermore, put it in the melted chocolate liquid and coat it evenly.

Step 5. Finally, use a sieve to sieve an appropriate amount of strawberry powder, and the peach custard is complete.

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