One of the function of gelatin powder is we can make pear cake. Our company is a gelatin wholesale with many years experience. Gelatin can be used to make many delicacies. Such as candy, jelly, cake, etc. Here is we will introduce to you how to make pear edamame cake with gelatin power.

The function of gelatin powder

Introduce the production of gelatin powder and its functions

The production of gelatin mainly consists of three processes, from the collection and preservation of raw materials, and the pretreatment of raw skins and bones through various methods. Then, it is the pre-process part of the development of gelatin technology. The degradation of collagen, the extraction of gelatin, is the second step. It is also a key part that affects the yield. The filtration, evaporation, sterilization and drying of gelatin constitute the post-process part of gelatin technology. In addition, The production process also affects the function of the gelatin powder.

The acid method and alkali method of gelatin usually indicate that the pre-process of the raw material of the gel is different from the chemical treatment method in the process of extracting the gel. Acid-processed gelatin mainly selects single acids or composite acids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, lactic acid, citric acid, acetic acid, etc., for raw material expansion and other treatments in the previous process. And further use weak acid or strong acid to break intermolecular cross-links and break molecular bonds. Dissolving the polypeptide in an aqueous acid solution is also called gel extraction. Besides, the function of the prepared gelatin powder is to have emulsification, thickening and so on.

The function of gelatin powder is to make pear flower edamame cake

Step 1. A six-inch cake, cut into two pieces from the middle.

Step 2. The edamame is cooked.

Step 3. Add 100 grams of milk and put it in a mixer to make a puree.

Step 4. Soak gelatin powder in a little water and add 50 grams of milk to heat until the gelatin powder melts(Here the function of gelatin powder is emulsification), and let it cool for later use.

Step 5. Add 30 grams of sugar to the cream and beat with a whisk.

Step 6. Add edamame and stir evenly, then add gelatin powder water and stir evenly(Here the function of gelatin powder is thickening).

Step 7. Put a layer of cake into the mold first.

Step 8. Pour the cream over the cake.

Step 9. Put in another layer of cake, pour all the cream onto the smooth surface, shake it a few times to create bubbles.

Step 10. Cover with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for two hours before taking it out. Make them fully fused to perform the function of gelatin powder.

Step 11. Add 150 grams of water to the soft candy to melt.

Step 12. Then let cool and gently pour it on top of the cake.

Step 13. Put on the washed pear blossoms.

Step 14. Cover with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for two hours. Take it out and place it on the goblet and blow it with hot air from a hair dryer until it is demoulded.

Throughout the production process, the gelatin powder’s function plays a big role.

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