Gelatin plays a big role in food production. We can make certain ingredients to make the work more perfect. As a gelatin manufacturer, the function of gelatin is described below.

the function of gelatin

The function of gelatin as agitator and foaming agent

A whipping agent widely use edible gelatin in the actual production of marshmallows. It is more convenient and simple to use alone than egg white and milk protein, so it is often used in production.

Vigorous stirring of edible gelatin can produce a large amount of foam. Besides, these foams can remain uncombined and unbroken for a long time. Therefore, it is a good food foaming agent and make marshmallows can also use it.

One of the functions of gelatin as an additive

In the production of confectionery or cakes, the binding effect of edible gelatin can make multi-layer candies or cakes. The high-transparency edible gelatin can also wrap candies or cakes into various shapes, like a translucent layer of clothing. Moreover, a layer of sugar can also cover it as needed.

One of the functions of gelatin as clarifying agent

Clarify products can use edible gelatin such as fruit juice, wine and vinegar. It can react quickly with tannins and similar substances inherent or added to the product to form flocculation precipitate. Furthermore, it will settle together with the mixture in the product after standing. Then filter to remove the precipitate to reach the purpose of clarification.

With the rapid development of the food industry and the boost of people’s increasing nutritional level. It will find it more complete and fuller in the food industry.

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