What the function of HM pectin in making food? As a pectin manufacturer, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the application of high methoxyl pectin and the factors that affect the strength of its gel. Here is the introduction of high methoxyl pectin.

HM pectin

Factors Affecting the function of HM Pectin Gel

1. System pH (the pH decreases, the number of coo- decreases, and the repulsive force between pectin molecules decreases).

2. Pectin quality and DE value (good quality, good gel forming ability; the higher the DE value, the greater the degree of dehydration).

3. Pectin content (the higher the pectin content in the system, the easier it is to form a bonding zone).

4. Types of soluble solids (the higher the content, the more intense the competition for water molecules).

5. Types of soluble solids (different substances compete for water molecules in different degrees).

6. Temperature duration and cooling rate.

The function of HM pectin in marketing

The first function of High methoxyl pectin is that generally used as thickener, gelling agent, stabilizer, emulsifier. It is mainly used to form gel in products with high solid content. It is generally used on high-sugar jams. High methoxyl pectin can only form a gel when the soluble solid content is higher than 65% and the pH is between 2.0 and 3.8. Gel formation is in the boundary zone of the cross-linked polymer, where the repulsive force between hydrogen bonds and methyl groups allows sugar and water to enter the pectin network area. Gels made from high methoxyl pectin have a stable and short structure. It is clear and has a good flavor, especially when used in high-sugar jams.

The one of function of hm pectin. When the pectin concentration is lower than the gel concentration, people can use pectin as a thickener. If it is use to improve the taste of low-sugar fruit juice drinks, it has a good effect of enhancing fruit odor. Used as a gelling agent in jams, jellies and other high-sugar storage-resistant foods. It is used as filling in candies, biscuits and pastries. High methoxyl pectin can also use to make fruity marshmallows, crystal soft candies, mixed sand soft candies and sugar-free candies. In the past, salad dressing used xanthan gum as a glue and turbidity stabilizer. Because pectin has good acid stability and refreshing taste, it can improve the characteristics of salad dressing more than xanthan gum.

The other function of High methoxyl pectin (HM) can use to stabilize yogurt products made by direct acidification or fermentation. When the pH drops below the isoelectric point of casein (about 4.6), HM pectin reacts with casein to prevent aggregation. Furthermore, the protective effect of HM pectin can extend the storage period of sterilized yogurt products.

High methoxyl pectin pectin dosage reference

Jam,  jelly: it has a gelling effect, the finished product is delicate, elastic and tough, adding fragrance, making the taste smooth and refreshing. If you want use the function of HM pectin better, reference dosage: 0.3%-0.6%.

Popsicles, ice cream: Stabilize emulsification, and the finished product has a delicate and smooth taste. Dosage reference: 0.1%-0.2%

Yogurt, lactic acid bacteria, fruit juice: Stabilize, thicken, extend the shelf life of products, have natural fruit flavor, dosage reference: 0.1%-0.3%

Baked food: improve the air permeability of the dough, enhance the taste, and extend the shelf life. In addition, dosage reference: 0.3%-0.8% of the amount of flour.

In order to use the function of HM pectin, how to use it? Mix the pectin and 3-4 times the fine white sugar, add 80℃ purified water and stir to dissolve, the dissolving concentration is 2.5%-4%, after dissolving, add it to various products in proportion.