We are a pectin manufacturer with long-term experience. Pectin has great benefits for our bodies. So what is the function of pectin? What kind of effect does it have? We will introduce to you one by one below.


Definition of pectin

First of all, before introducing the function of pectin, we need to introduce what is pectin. Natural pectins are widely present in the fruits, roots, stems and leaves of plants in the form of pro-pectin, pectin and pectic acid. It is a component of the cell wall. They are present with cellulose. It forms the bond between adjacent cells. Make plant tissue cells tightly bonded together.

How pectin’s function works

After pectin is ingested into the body, it will not be digested by stomach enzymes. Pectin will pass through the stomach and small intestine to the large intestine. Before reaching the large intestine, pectin still maintains a macromolecular state (not broken down). And because it is a macromolecule, pectin does not penetrate the blood vessel wall but stays in the intestinal tract, expanding the body’s environmental protection. Pectin is hydrophilic, so it will absorb water and expand all the way in the intestine. The change in volume also makes the body feel full and helps control calories. Pectin also improves metabolism, lowers cholesterol and lowers blood sugar.

The fruit tape is anionic and negatively charged, so it will attract heavy metal cations. Pectin is like a magnet and a broom. Adsorb heavy metals and radioactive isotopes with carboxylic acid, and then combine with cholic acid to excrete these substances from the body and reduce the content of toxins in the body. These pollutants will eventually excrete in the form of excrement or urine.

The functions of pectin are mainly used in the fields

People also widely use pectin in the beauty industry. With the rising awareness of environmental protection and the increasing demand for natural products, pectin is becoming more and more popular. Many facial masks, lotions, and gels are based on apple pectin.

The biggest function of pectin is mainly in the scope of medicine uses, because its unique structure allows the effective ingredients of the drug to act more efficiently. People can use it in drugs that neutralize acid, stop bleeding and stop diarrhea. People also proven pectin to be able to deliver and encapsulate specific anti-cancer drugs around abnormal cells. Inhibit tumor growth and prevent metastasis. The acidic nature of pectin proved to prevent cancer cells from binding, so as not to enter the bloodstream. When pectin is taken together with antibiotics, it can reduce side effects and provide an environment in the body where antibiotics can be more effective.

In the medical industry, pectin is usually used to form dietary fiber. Because it helps clean and maintain the intestines. Of course, apple pectin is a powerful scavenger, which can pull out heavy metals, radioactive isotopes and other pollutants in the body. This anti-radiation protection characteristic, this effect has value by all walks of life.


The above is a brief introduction to the function of pectin. As one of the best pectin and collagen suppliers in China, you can trust the quality of our company’s products. If you want to buy it or want to know more product information, please feel free to contact us.