Supplementing collagen is beneficial to our body. So what are the role and efficacy of fish collagen? As pure collagen wholesaler, here is an introduction to the role and efficacy of fish collagen.

the benefit of fish collagen

The role of fish collagen

1. It can quickly relieve body fatigue and improve body immunity.

2. Marine fish skin collagen peptides, taurine, vitamin C, zinc have effects on the body, cellular immunity and humoral immunity. As a result, antibodies are produced and cytokines such as interleukins and interferons are induced to increase and regulate the body’s immune function. Furthermore, prevent and improve male reproductive system diseases.

3. Produce spermatozoa and retain spermatozoa. Thus improving and maintaining the normal function of elastic tissues and organs.

4. Promote the repair of corneal epithelial damage and boost the growth of corneal epithelial cells.

5. It is beneficial to the maintenance of physical strength during exercise and the rapid recovery of physical strength after exercise. Achieve anti-fatigue effect.

6. The another one we introduce the role of fish collagen is that it can improve muscle elasticity.

7. It has distinct effect on burns, wounds and tissue repair.

8. Protect gastric mucosa and anti-ulcer effect.

The efficacy of fish collagen peptides

1. Anti-oxidation, anti-wrinkle and prolonged aging: fish collagen peptide has anti-oxidation effect. It can scavenge free radicals and slow down skin aging.

2. Moisturizing and moisturizing: It contains a variety of amino acids and has a large number of hydrophilic groups. Therefore, it has good moisturizing effect and is a natural moisturizing factor. In addition, collagen peptide can promote collagen synthesis in skin. It also keeps skin elastic and makes it smooth and shiny. Furthermore, it has the effect of boosting skin, increasing moisture and enhancing elasticity.

3. Prevention of osteoporosis: collagen peptides can enhance the function of osteoblasts. Reduces osteoclast activity, thereby enhancing bone formation. Improve bone strength and prevent osteoporosis. Moreover, it can also enhance the absorption of calcium and increase bone density.

4. Enhancing immunity: Collagen peptide can significantly enhance the cellular immunity and humoral immunity of mice. Furthermore, collagen peptides can enhance the immune function of mice.

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