Eating desserts will make people happy both physically and mentally. Gelatin is indispensable for desserts. We can make our own desserts at home, which will give us a sense of satisfaction. Today, as gelatin manufacturer, I will introduction the role of edible gelatin to you.

the role of edible gelatin

The role of edible gelatin

Gelatin is used as a gelatine in frozen foods. Gelatin jellies have a low melting point and are readily soluble in hot water. It has the traits of melting in the mouth. It is often use to make food jelly, etc. Besides, gelatin gelatin will not crystallize in warm, unmelted syrup. Warm gels can be re-formed after the clots are broken. Gelatin as a stabilizer can be used in the production of ice cream, etc. Gelatin’s role in ice cream is to against the formation of coarse-grained ice crystals. Keep the structure smooth and reduce the melting speed. To get good ice cream, the gelatine content must be just right. Gelatine in ice cream general dosage is 0.25% ~ 0.6%, any gelatine strength can make good ice cream. But different intensities must match with corresponding concentrations.

One of the role of edible gelatin to make red bean matcha cheese

1. Pour 300ml of fresh milk, 5g of edible gelatin and 30g of white sugar into the pot and stir.

2. Then put the pot on the stove, heat it on a medium-low heat, stir while cooking, and stir until the white sugar melts, and the temperature is about 40 degrees.

3. At this time, the matcha powder should filter into the pot with a strainer, mainly to prevent the matcha powder from agglomerating. Then stir, and the milk and matcha powder should be stirred evenly, and the temperature should be controlled at about 50 degrees. The role of edible gelatin is thicken.

4. Pour the matcha milk into the cup, put on plastic wrap, and keep it in the refrigerator for 5 hours.

5. Wash 150 grams of red beans twice, put them in the pressure cooker, add 350 grams of water, cover the lid, and let the pressure cooker steam naturally. It takes about 10 minutes, then add 70 grams of white sugar and stir well.

6. Remove the red beans, cover them with plastic wrap, and keep them in the refrigerator for 24 hours. The role of edible gelatin is coagulability.

7. Take out the cheese, sprinkle a little matcha powder.

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