Gelatin can be used for many desserts. For example, matcha pudding, chocolate mousse, gummy bears and so on. We can also use gelatin to make yogurt jelly cheesecake. Those who like desserts must love this dessert very much. As gelatin manufacturer, here is what the role of gelatin flakes.

the role of gelatin flakes

The role of gelatin flakes makes yogurt jelly cheesecake

1. Make preparations first: the butter melts in insulated water, and the cream cheese melts at room temperature. Gelatin flakes are soaked in ice water. Only in this way can the role of gelatin flakes can play to its maximum effect. Use a rolling pin to crush the Oreos into powder as much as possible.

2. Mix the crushed Oreo and the melted butter evenly. Wrap a 6-inch mousse ring with tin foil. Then spread the mixed bottom of the cake and compact it. Then put it in the refrigerator and freeze.

3. Mix the cream cheese and caster sugar, and stir in warm water. Stir until it is smooth and without granules. Then add egg yolk, rum, lemon juice, and stir well.

4. Pour the yogurt, stir into a uniform cheese paste, and let it stand for later use.

5. Mix the cream and milk and heat it in a microwave oven. But it doesn’t need to be too hot, just warm it up, and then add the soaked gelatin flakes.The role of gelatin flakes here is thicken.

6. After the gelatin flakes have melted, pour the mixture from the previous step into the cheese paste three times, and stir while pouring into a uniform mousse paste. Here the role of gelatin flakes is thicken.

7. Take out the mousse ring with the bottom of the cake from the refrigerator, and pour the mousse batter into it.

8. Put it in the refrigerator and freeze for a few hours. After taking it out, use a spray gun or a hot towel or a hair dryer to demould. Because of the addition of Gelatin, the state is very stable after it is made.

Factors affecting the role of gelatin flakes

1) Sugar

The greater the amount of sugar, the stronger the hardness of the gelatin solution.

2) Sour

Add 5% and 15% lemon juice to gelatin 4% sugar and 20% liquid. In terms of taste, gelatin liquid with 5% lemon juice is harder than 15% lemon juice. It can be seen that the hardness decreases as the acidity increases.

3) Cooling temperature

The lower the cooling temperature, the faster the gelatin flakes will solidify. If you want to make it solidify quickly or harder without increasing the concentration of gelatin, you can lower the cooling temperature.

4) Cooling time

The longer the cooling time of the same gelatin solution is, the harder the gelatin will solidify. Therefore, the cooling should be sufficient.

5) Usage of gelatin flakes

One of the factors that affect the role of gelatin flakes is usage.  The higher the concentration of gelatin, the faster it solidifies and the harder it is.

6) Water content

Gelatin flakes are more effective on cream than water. This is because they contain different amounts of water.

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