What the role of gelatin leaf? We can make a chocolate mousse cake with gelatin leaf. Because chocolate and baking are inseparable. Especially the chocolate mousse is hard to resist. So what role does the gelatin leaf used in chocolate mousse play? How do we make chocolate mousse cake with gelatin leaf at home? As a gelatin wholesaler with many years experience, I will introduce it to you.

the role of gelatin leaf

The role of gelatin leaf

In pastry production, the bonding effect of edible gelatin leaf can make multi-layer candies or multi-layer cakes. The freezing of the gelatin solution and the subsequent changes in the gel network are caused by the partial return of the disordered gelatin molecules in the solution to the collagen structure. More extensive reversal to collagen induced and produced in a very homogeneous gelatin dilute solution. This is also the reversal process that is essentially similar to the gel formation mechanism, which is called “renaturation”. However, it changes due to the dispersion of gelatin molecules, complex chemical composition and their very high concentration. During the renaturation process, the components of gelatin leaf play different roles.

The process of using gelatine make cake

Step 1. First, put the egg yolk, yogurt and oil into the bowl and stir until they are completely combined.

Step 2. Cocoa powder and low-gluten powder are mixed and sieved twice.

Step 3. Sift in the mixed powder.

Step 4. Stir into a chocolate egg yolk paste.

Step 5. Add lemon juice to the egg whites, and then add sugar in three times.

Step 6. The whipping has sharp corners that are slightly curved.

Step 7. Add 1/3 of the egg whites to the batter. Stir evenly, pour the rice paste into the remaining egg whites.

Step 8. Continue to mix averagely with the mixing method.

Step 9. Pour the batter into the baking tray. Then, heat the oven up and down 140 degrees, and bake for 30 minutes. Furthermore, bake and turn it upside down to cool.

Step 10. Add whipped cream and powdered sugar.

Step 11. Beat to six and distribute it in the refrigerator for later use.

Step 12. Put the chocolate coins and pure milk into the milk pan to melt in warm water.

Step 13. Soak the gelatin leaves in ice to soften them (the role of gelatin leaf is emulsion). Then, put it into the melted chocolate milk.

Step 14. The temperature of the chocolate is about 50 degrees Celsius. Stir until the gelatin leaves are completely melt (This is because it makes the gelatin leaf’s role better).

Step 15. Pour the chocolate milk into the whipped cream.

Step 16. Stir evenly to form a mousse liquid.

Step 17. Use a mold to slice the cake, just put it on the bottom of the mold without moving it. Then, pour it into the mousse liquid and refrigerate it for more than two hours.

Step 18. Finally, sieve some cocoa powder on the top. Gelatin leaf’s role can make best cake than other food additive.


1. Sift the cocoa powder and flour after mixing. Sifting twice will make it easier to stir.

2. When melting the chocolate, the temperature should not be too high, about 50 degrees. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to separate oil and water. When the gelatin tablets are put in, the temperature is also around 50 degrees. Can not exceed 60, otherwise it will affect the solidification effect.

3. Gelatin leaf’s role is emulsion and make the cake taste better.

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