We have all eaten tiramisu. One ingredient in tiramisu is gelatin. So what the role of gelatin particles in food? As a gelatin manufacturer, we are proud to introduce you to the role of gelatin particles.

the role of gelatin particles

The role of gelatin particles in food

In food production, gelatin can also be used to make cakes and various sugar-coating. Because of the stability of gelatin, this icing does not seep into the cake even on hot days when the liquid phase increases. It also controls the size of sugar crystals. Gelatin can also make colored beads of ice cream, sugar-free cans, etc. In food packaging, gelatin can compound gelatine film. Gelatine film also known as edible packaging membrane, biodegradable film. It has been proved that the film has good tensile strength, heat sealing, high gas resistance, oil resistance and moisture resistance. Biodegradable films made from gelatin are primarily used for fruit preservation, meat preservation, food packaging and direct consumption.

The role of gelatin particles for making tiramisu

Step 1. Prepare all materials.

Step 2. Add sugar to water and put them together.

Step 3. Heat the sugar water on a low fire.

Step 4. Turn off the heat until the syrup is boiling and the mashing is complete.

Step 5. Prepare the egg yolk.

Step 6. After turning off the heat, the sugar water must be slowly poured into the egg yolk. This will disinfect the egg yolk without blanching the egg yolk into flowers.

Step 7. Then, stir thoroughly.

Step 8. Add a little cold boiled gelatin to soak. The role of gelatin particles here is thicken.

Step 9. Melt in water after soaking softly.

Step 10. Make gelatin solution and set aside.

Step 11. Pour the mascarpone into a basin, stir well or beat it smoothly with a whisk.

Step 12. Add a little sugar to the whipped cream (the amount is not in the recipe).

Step 13. Beat the whipped cream until smooth.

Step 14. Add the egg yolk liquid to the cream.

Step 15. Stir evenly.

Step 16. Pour the cream and egg yolk liquid into the mascarpone.

Step 17. And then, stir evenly.

Step 18. Finally, add gelatin particles solution. Here the role of gelatin particles is emulsification.

Step 19. Stir evenly.

Step 20. The mold is ready.

Step 21. Dip a little coffee wine into the finger biscuits and put them into the bottom of the mold.

Step 22. Pour a layer of cheese liquid.

Step 23. Put another layer of finger biscuits.

Step 24. Pour the cheese liquid again and put it in the refrigerator overnight.

Step 25. When eating, blow the mold around with air blower, take out the tiramisu, and sift a layer of cocoa powder.

Step 26. Finally, decorate a little fruit, and the tiramisu is ready.

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