One of the role gelatin piece is that we can using gelatin piece make coconut crystal osmanthus cake. We all know that gelatin has many benefits. But gelatin is more compatible with food. We can make many delicacies with gelatin. Today as gelatin wholesaler, I will introduce you the role of gelatin piece how to make coconut crystal osmanthus cake.

make coconut crystal osmanthus cake with gelatin

The role of gelatin piece as pastry

The breath of autumn thickens day by day. When the season comes, many people will experience sub-healthy conditions such as dry throat, cough, dry skin, and loss of appetite. Everyone knows that in the face of this “sickness but not disease” state, taking medicine to treat the symptoms but not the root cause should start with nourishing and maintenance from the inside out.

Using gelatin piece make the “Coconut Crystal Osmanthus Cake” I will introduce to you today is especially suitable for autumn.

A. The first the role of gelatin piece is sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, as a kind of natural medicine, can relieve phlegm, calm the stomach, nourish the skin, and have many benefits. Coconut water and milk also have the function of nourishing and nourishing the skin, which is not only more fragrant and smooth together, but also better nourishing effect.

B. The second gelatin piece’role is that people also call gelatin piece is isinglass, and “civilian collagen”. people can extract it from animal bones (bovine bones or fish bones). The main ingredient is protein, which is translucent yellowish brown. People often use it to make mousse cakes, jelly, etc., mainly for coagulation.

We usually think of foods that are rich in collagen and can moisturize and nourish the skin. Such as hooves, pig feet, chicken feet, etc. The collagen in it has not been hydrolyzed, and its molecular structure is very huge. It is difficult for the human body to absorb. Eating more of these foods will not only not beautify your face, but will also increase your weight. So this is the role of gelatin piece.

Step to use gelatin piece make coconut crystal osmanthus cake

Step 1. Prepare various materials.

Step 2. Weigh out an appropriate amount of white granulated sugar. The sweetness of this amount of sugar is moderate. Those who are addict to sweetness can increase the dosage a little bit appropriately. The double-carbon white granulated sugar used here has uniform granules and no impurities, and does not need to be sieved. The finished product is also crystal clear. Gelatin pieces manufacturer.

Step 3. Soak the two gelatin pieces in cold water to soften and remove them( here the role of gelatin piece is emulsifying). And then drain the water.

Step 4. Pour the coconut milk, milk and white sugar into a small pot. After stirring until the sugar is completely melted, add a portion of gelatin pieces( here the role of gelatin piece is thickening). Heat a small fire to 50-60 degrees. When the gelatin is completely dissolved, take it out and set aside. Then the white solution is ready.

Step 5. Put sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus and water into another small pot as well. Add another piece of gelatin and heat it over low heat until the gelatin is completely dissolve( the role of the gel film here is to better integrate into it). Also hold out the spare. So the sugar osmanthus solution is also ready.

Step 6. Next, mold: Pour 1 spoon of sugar osmanthus solution into a square glass box. Put it in the refrigerator and chill for 20 minutes until set.

Step 7. Pour 2 tablespoons of coconut milk solution on the solidified surface. Put it in the refrigerator until it has solidified, and then pour 2 spoons of sugar osmanthus solution repeatedly.

Step 8. Repeat this process until the entire glass box is filled. Wipe the surface of the box lightly with a hot towel, and cut into pieces after the inverted button is released from the mold.


1. Be sure to keep the temperature within 50-60 degrees when heating the two solutions on a small fire. If it exceeds 80 degrees, it will affect the gelatin solidification. Thereby affecting the role of gelatin piece.

2. Horseshoe powder and agar also have a coagulation effect similar to the role of gelatin piece. But the opposite of Gelatin can’t be high temperature. Horseshoe flour and agar need the high temperature of cooking to solidify, and the finished product is turbid, not as clear as gelatin.

3. The amount of liquid in each layer can adjust according to the size of the box. It is more convenient to use a large spoon to measure. Be sure to pour the solution of the next layer after one layer has solidified to avoid mixing.

4. If you don’t like the sweet-scented osmanthus petals in the finished product, you can sieve it before pouring it into the glass box.

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