Little children will like to eat sweets. Like cheese sticks can be used as a daily snack for children to relieve their greed. So what is the role of gelatin slices in making cheese sticks? How do we make cheese sticks with gelatin at home? As a gelatin manufacturer, here are our answers.

The role of gelatine

The role of gelatin slices to make cheese sticks

Step 1. Cut the gelatin slices into small pieces and put them into a small bowl. Add a little cold water to soak to soften and pour out the excess water. This allows the role of gelatin slices to play better.

Step 2. Take another small milk pot, pour milk and white sugar and stir well.

Step 3. Add three more cheese slices, heat them over a low heat, and stir until they are completely dissolve.

Step 4. Remove the milk from the heat and let the milk cool to about 50 degrees. Pour in the soaked gelatin slices and stir evenly, use the residual temperature to dissolve completely, the cheese liquid is ready. Be sure to pay attention to the temperature of the milk, the melting temperature of gelatine is 35 degrees. If it exceeds 60 degrees, it will affect the solidification of the gelatin. So gelatine’s role can play.

Step 5. Next, divide the whipped cheese liquid into two portions, one portion is the original flavor. Moreover, the other portion is add with strawberry powder and mix well.

Step 6. Put the mold in the tray. Then pour the pink strawberry-flavored cheese liquid on the corresponding position in the mold.

Step 7. Put the tray in the refrigerator and refrigerate for about 10 minutes. When the pink part is solidified, insert the paper stick, pour the original cheese liquid. Furthermore, fill the mold. In addition, the role of gelatin slices is solidified and shaped.

Step 8. Put the mold in the refrigerator again and refrigerate for about 20 minutes and then release the mold after solidification.

Step 9. The cheese sticks that have been demoulded can be eaten directly. Therefore, the taste is smooth and tender, not hard, it melts in the mouth and is very delicious.

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