The most essential ingredient for dessert is gelatin tablets. So what does gelatin tablets do? As a gelatin manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, we are honored to introduce gelatin tablets to you. Here is an introduction to the role of gelatin tablets.

The role of gelatin tablets

Factors affecting gelatine

First of all, we will introduce the factors that affect the role of gelatin. When the warm aqueous gelatin solution cools, its viscosity gradually increases. If the concentration is high enough and the temperature is low enough, the aqueous gelatin solution will turn into a gel. Moreover, gelatin gel is similar to a solid substance. It can maintain its shape and has elasticity. Gelatin gel can be reversibly transformed into a solution state after being heated. This is the unparalleled characteristic of gelatin. The gelatin solution is cool at a low temperature until gelation occurs and aged at a certain low temperature for a certain period of time. Then people can measure the stable gel strength value. Furthermore, the gel strength of gelatin is related to its molecular weight and distribution, amino acid composition and technological process. Therefore, different gelatins require different gel strengths.

The role of gelatin tablets to make coconut milk jelly

Step 1. Soak the gelatin tablets in ice water 15 to 20 minutes in advance(This is to better play the role of gelatin tablets).

Step 2. Pour pure milk and coconut powder into the milk pan together. Heat on low heat to fully melt the coconut flour into the milk.

Step 3. The coconut flour I use is sugar-free, so add a little sugar to taste.

Step 4. When the temperature of the coconut milk is around 50 degrees, pour the gelatin tablets into the water(Here the role of gelatin tablets is emulsifying).

Step 5. Stir until the gelatin slices are completely melt(The role of gelatin gelatin tablets here is thickening).

Step 6. Pour it into a container and let it cool in the refrigerator for about two hours.

Step 7. The coconut milk jelly after refrigeration is very smooth and delicate. The taste is mellow.

Step 8. Add some crispy coconut flakes for a richer taste. Very delicate and smooth.


The above-mentioned unsweetened coconut powder with pure milk is seasoned with a little sugar. If the coconut flour used is sweet, you don’t need to add sugar. Besides, if you like the original flavor, it’s okay to not add sugar.

People can use gelatin to make jelly. The role of gelatin tablets will not crystallize in warm but not yet melted syrup in making jelly. Warm jelly can be re-formed into jelly after the clot is crushed.

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