Gelling agent, stabilizer, emulsifier and so on can use gelatin in food. It has many functions, each of which is crucial in the production of food. The role of gelatin is diversity. As gelatin wholesaler, I will introduce the role of gelatin to you.

edible gelatin

Edible gelatin as gelling agent

One of the roles of gelatin is gelling agent. Edible gelatin and water can become a thermoreversible gel, similar to agar, seaweed gum and pectin. However, different from them is that the melting point of edible gelatin is low. Besides, it is very close to the temperature of the human mouth. Next agar gel is because of its high melting point. Need to chew. In addition, edible gelatin will not crystallize in warm but unmelted syrup. Furthermore, The jelly can be remolded by crushing or heating to dissolve. The jelly made of edible gelatin is more flexible than seaweed and pectin. It’s better and easier to chew and eat than marshmallows made from brown sugar and egg whites.

The role of gelatin as stabilizer and emulsifier

Eating gelatin not only creates foam, it stabilizes it. The other substances are evenly distributed in the gelatin solution without precipitation or precipitation. Not only as a stabilizer can use it for emulsions, but also as a protective colloid for micro foam and suspended solids. Edible gelatin helps to form an oil-in-water latex. Because it has the effect of emulsifying fat, emulsifying the fat of meat products and maintaining the original characteristics. Utilizing the emulsifying properties of edible gelatin can make the fat in meat products form a emulsoid. In addition, making the thick soup thick and not greasy in the mouth, easy to digest, and rich in nutrients.

One of the roles of gelatin is as an inhibitor. Edible gelatin can restrain the crystallization of sugar in the solution, or make the crystals formed smaller. Generally, adding about 1% edible gelatin to 70% syrup can completely restrain the growth of sugar crystals. In the production of ice cream, edible gelatin as a stabilizer can control the formation of coarse ice crystals, and at the same time reduce the melting rate of ice cream. Combined with emulsification and freezing of edible gelatin, the ice cream is soft and delicate.

When using the emulsifying properties of gelatin and stabilizing foam, attention should be paid to the pH value of the solution, and acidity (too low pH value) must against causing damage to the emulsion.

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