The article is the overview of HM pectin. We are a pectin manufacturer. We can use high methoxyl pectin to make some foods. The following will introduce high methoxyl pectin and its application.

HM pectin

The overview of HM pectin

First, we introduce hm pectin to you. High methoxy pectin (HM) is also called high fat pectin or high methoxy pectin. Refers to pectin with a degree of esterification greater than 50%. It is usually a powder or liquid food additive extracted from raw materials such as citrus peel, apple peel residue, beet waste cypress, watermelon peel, and mango residue. High methoxyl pectin has better gel properties under lower pH conditions. At the same time, because of its high degree of esterification, it has a significant impact on the solubility, thickening and gel properties of the product. It can be used in the food industry such as jam, candy, biscuits, pastry, yogurt and so on.

Classification of HM pectin

Second, we introduce classification of hm pectin to you. High methoxy pectin can also be divided into three types: fast setting, medium setting and slow setting. The degree of esterification of fast-setting pectin is above 70%, and the degree of esterification of slow-setting pectin is below 65%. The three kinds of pectins have different gel speeds and gel temperatures, and their specific uses in the food industry are also different.

Stability of HM pectin

Third, we introduce stability of hm pectin. High-fat pectin is stable between pH 2.5 and 4.5. High methoxyl fast-setting pectin will de-esterify and hydrolyze under low pH conditions. Fast-setting pectin can become slow-setting pectin after de-esterification. The slow-setting pectin de-esterification gradually has the characteristics of low-ester pectin.

High methoxyl pectin will partially destabilize and decay significantly above pH 5. Due to this intolerance under higher pH conditions, it is difficult to increase the pH of the pectin solution during the production process. When the alkali titrant is add to the pectin solution, it will decay on the interface that is in instant contact.

Preparation method of high methoxyl pectin

Fourth, we want to introduce preparation method of hm pectin. The production of pectin is generally extract with hot water at a low pH. When producing powdered pectin, it is precipitated with alcohol and then dried and powdered. The extracted pectin is HMP pectin. If deesterification is carry out under acidic or alkaline conditions, LMP pectin can prepare. Variety of pectins can obtain by changing extraction conditions or deesterification conditions.

Gel properties of high methoxyl pectin

Fifth, introduce gel properties of hm pectin. To form a gel with a high methoxy pectin solution, it must have a pH in the range of 2.0 to 3.8 and the content of soluble solids (such as sucrose, etc.) in the system should be at least 55%. After cooling, it can form irreversible gel limbs, and the gel capacity increases with the increase of DE value. High methoxyl pectin can make into gel when the content is 0.3%.

Pectin is most stable at pH 4. When the pH is close to neutral (pH 5-6), high-fat pectin is only stable at room temperature. At higher temperatures, due to β-deesterification, its gel properties will rapidly lost. Increasing the temperature at low pH will cause deenzyme reaction and polymer degradation at the same time. Among them, the deesterification effect is particularly rapid.

The gelation of high methoxyl pectin and the gel structure formed are affect by many parameters. The most important parameters are pectin concentration, esterification degree, relative molecular weight, acetylation degree, branching of pectin molecule, pH value, ionic strength, water activity, sugar type and cooling rate of gelling medium. The gelation of high-ester pectin shows sensory hysteresis. That is, the melting temperature is higher than the gel temperature. During application, the melting temperature is so high that when the jelly melts again, the tissue will destroy. Therefore, the jelly of high-ester pectin is usually “thermodynamically irreversible”.

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