Edible gelatin is very popular in gelatin wholesale. Many different kinds of food use it. The use of edible gelatin in different applications, such as jell, pudding, etc.

The use of edible gelatin in different applications

Use the gelatin in confectionery

The use of edible gelatin in different applications. Using gelatin to make transparent jelly has been in China for a long time. Its fruit has a strong flavor, moderate sweetness, refreshing and non-sticky. And it has better transparency and lower price than agar. General hard candies and soft candies add it. It can make the product taste smoother, more elastic, less viscous and more stable.

Application of edible gelatin in jelly and pudding

The use of edible gelatin. Gelatin is used as the main gelling agent in jelly and pudding. It is mixed with locust bean gum, konjac gum, potassium chloride and other additives to form a gel with elasticity and refreshing fragrance. By adding juice, pulp, Food flavors or dairy products can produce a variety of jelly or pudding. The jelly made with gelatin is very stable at room temperature and has good water holding capacity. Therefor, it can ensure that the quality of the product remains consistent during the storage period. The use of edible gelatin.

Precautions for application of gelatin

  1. Add acid. Since gelatin is not acid resistant, the lower the acid temperature is, the better. Generally, it should be carried out at 70℃~80℃ or in the light with the real process conditions before jelly filling. Otherwise, the higher the temperature, the easier it will be to destroy the gelatin. At the same time, we recommend to add citric acid after dissolving in water to avoid local over-acidity. Adjust the pH value generally not less than 4. And more acidic taste should use other colloids. Pasteurization also affects taste. Adjust according to the actual situation. The use of edible gelatin.
  2. Since the solubility of gelatin is relatively poor, it needs to keep warm. The heat preservation time is not enough and the dissolution is not complete. The jelly made will not taste good, and serious will cause the jelly to be very tender and not formed; but at the same time, the heat preservation time is too long. If gelatin is too alkaline or added with a buffer such as sodium citrate, it is prone to deacetylation and denaturation, resulting in the phenomenon of “egg soup”, and the jelly may still not form. Therefore, you do not need to keep warm after boiling in summer, and keep warm for 10 minutes after boiling in winter. Spring and autumn are between the two. The use of edible gelatin.
  3. Filtration refers to the use of a screen to filter the liquid after boiling. Its purpose is to remove insoluble konjac gum particles, get more transparent jelly. In this way, some high-end jellies can be transparent.