We are a pectin manufacturer with 16 years of experience. So we have a good knowledge of our products. Do you know what pectin is? What industries can use it for? As a pectin distributor, it is my honor to introduce to you the uses of pectin.

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The use of pectin in food industry

The food industry use pectin as a food additive or ingredient. Mainly play the role of gelatinization, thickening, texture improvement, emulsification and stabilization.

1. Yogurt products

In the production process of yogurt, various forms of it have different functions. For example, adding high-fat pectin can stabilize the structure of yogurt. The addition of low methoxy pectin can prevent the precipitation of whey. In the process of making yogurt, the dosage of it needs to severely control. Once sufficient additives are not added, the charge is neutralized and the repulsive force is lost. The structure of dairy products cannot be stabilized and can only continue to be added. After a new repulsive force is generated, the structure of acidic dairy products can remain stable.

2. Jam

If the jam is produce, the pectin content in the raw material is too small. Then the thickening effect of it can use. Use 0.20% pectin as a thickener. The usage of it in low-sugar jam is about 0.60%. The formula of low-sugar strawberry jam was strawberry 50.00%, sugar 36.00%, water 13.00%, amideated low-methoxy-pectin 0.60%, citric acid 0.40%. In the above-mentioned recipe for making strawberry jam, amidated low-methoxy pectin or methoxy pectin can be used. Because fruits and water contain a certain amount of calcium ions, there is no need to add calcium salts.

3. Bread

High methoxy pectin has extremely strong water absorption. Not only can the amount of dough increase, but also the freshness, stability and softness of the dough can improve. Because the dough with it is more stretchable, the bread will bake more. For example, if the volume of a hamburger is kept the same, the amount of flour used to make the same volume of hamburger will reduce by 30 percent if it is added. In addition, the addition of pectin made bread can prolong the sale time of bread.

4. Drinks

As people pay more attention to healthy diet, low-sugar beverages in the market today have become more and more popular. However, when the sweetness of the beverage decreases, the taste also decreases. In this regard, 0.05% ~ 0.10% high methoxy pectin can add into increase the taste of the drink. Hypermethoxy pectin is a suspension agent. When it is add into beverages containing pulp, it can produce gelation reaction with calcium ions. Thereby reducing the hard material caused by the precipitation of the pulp. The fruit particles are evenly suspend in the beverage. It can also improve the taste of juice. Pectin not only overcomes the shortcomings of sodium alginate, such as poor pseudoplasticity, large gumy smell and large turbidity. It also plays a health role in strengthening the stomach and being exposed to lead poisoning.

5. Health food and medicine

Pectin is a polysaccharide that helps control blood sugar and lipids. At present, there are products using it in domestic medicines and health products. But the amount of pectin is not large yet. It is different from other dietary fiber. It has good water solubility and high viscosity due to its structural characteristics. This soluble dietary fiber removes food additives and metal residues from the system.

6. Other applications

In addition, it also utilizes the good water holding capacity and radiation resistance of pectin. It can apply to plastic wrap, diapers, cosmetics and toothpaste.

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