As we all known, capsule is useful in our life. There have many capsule application. We can learn the usage about capsule. In order to our can use it better.

Millions of people around the world consume medicinal capsules every day. But have you ever know where they came from? For example. Gelatin capsules as standard shell have a history of more than one hundred years. We have also find alternative shell to the vegetarian market.

The benefits of capsules

Capsules are dosage forms that encapsulate the active ingredient in a dissolvable shell.

First, capsules are easier to formulate than tablets. This speeds up the development process. This means faster time to market. Capsule technology also allows encapsulation of liquid and semi-liquid fillings. This is good for us.

Capsules help improve patient compliance. This is because capsules tend to be smaller. This makes them easier to swallow. They perfectly mask the unpleasant taste associated with liquid medications or chalky tablets.

Another benefit of capsules is that they are can customize. In other words, they have different shapes, sizes and colors to achieve unique identification.There have many capsule application.

Capsules are traditionally make by gelatin. It is an animal protein derive from collagen. However, in recent years, plant-based alternatives such as HPMC and modified starches have appeared on the market to meet the needs of vegetarians.


The difference between hard and soft capsules

Hard capsules are rigid cylindrical shells. Usually consists of two parts. Body and hat. They are fill with dry or liquid ingredients. It is then specially seal to prevent leakage. These are one of the oldest capsule forms.

Soft capsules (also called soft capsules) are one-piece capsules. They are done in one action. Although the manufacturing process of soft capsules is more complicated. This method allows manufacturers to produce capsules. Liquid or semi-liquid fillings with different shapes and sizes.There have many capsule application.

capsule application of hard and soft gelatin capsules

The fabrication of hard and soft capsules is a complex process. Once the capsules are manufacture. Their performance might also vary. Let’s take a look at some key technical considerations of hard and soft capsules.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Dissolution

This is the rate at which the capsule dissolves in the stomach. Let the active ingredients be absorb by the body. For example, gelatin has one of the best dissolution rates. So that the API can be quickly absorb by the body. This is one of the most important considerations for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Usually the dissolution process proceeds smoothly in the body. Exposure to inappropriate high temperature or humidity conditions. The presence of certain aldehydes can cause cross-linking of the capsule shell. Due to its low humidity, HPMC will not have cross-linking problems. Gelatin was easily affected by this phenomenon in the past. However, a new generation of gelatin has been developed to significantly reduce and alleviate possible cross-linking problems.

capsule application :Cost-efficiency

Compared with alternative excipients. Gelatin is the most cost-effective. The ingredient cost of the first generation of HPMC hard capsules is about four times that of gelatin. The manufacturing cost of HPMC capsules is approximately three times that. This has an impact on the fees that consumers and taxpayers charge to the healthcare system.


Gelatin has a high level of processability. This means that it can withstand mechanical processes well. Therefore no additional ingredients or machinery are required. The workability of HPMC is low. The first generation of HPMC requires an auxiliary gelling agent. Although the second generation of HPMC does not require a gelling agent, it does require machine adaptation.

capsule application :Water permeability

Another consideration is moisture penetration. Depending on the type of capsule. The vapor will have different effects. The water content of HPMC is lower than that of gelatin. However, whether HPMC is really better than gelatin in terms of water permeability is still inconclusive.

There have many application of capsule. You can use it and study it.

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