Gelatin is very common in our lives. Because we will use gelatin to make candies. Our company, huaxuan gelatin is gelatin wholesale company. So we can tell you to learn how to use gelatin to make candy today.

Gelatin is a product of collagen. It is a fat-free, high-protein, and cholesterol-free. It is also a natural nutritious food thickener. After eating, it will not make people fat, nor will it cause a decline in physical strength. Gelatin is also a powerful protective colloid. After entering the stomach, it can inhibit protein aggregation caused by gastric acid. So as to facilitate food digestion.

The composition and properties of gelatin

The protein that makes up gelatin contains amino acids. In addition to water and inorganic salts, the protein content in gelatin is very high. So gelatin is an ideal protein source. The finished product of gelatin is a colorless or light yellow powder. Gelatin is insoluble in cold water. But it can slowly swell and soften by absorbing water. Depending on the source, the physical properties of gelatin are also quite different. So we can use gelatin to make candy. Among them, pigskin gelatin has better properties. Because it has high transparency and strong plasticity.

Gelatin is soluble in hot water and form a gel. It has extremely good physical properties. Therefore, gelatin is an important food additive. For example, as a food stabilizer. Therefore, we often use gelatin in our recipes. Also use gelatin to make candy.

Use gelatin to make candies

The application of gelatin in candy

According to reports, most gelatin is used in the food and confectionery industry. In candy production, gelatin is use to manufacture milk candies and soft candies. Gelatin has the function of absorbing water and keeping the bone. After the gelatin particles are dissolved in water, they can attract and merge each other. Thereby forming a network structure. And condense as the temperature drops. Then fill the voids of the gel completely with sugar and water. The candy can keep a stable shape. Even if it supports a large load, it will not deform. Gelatin can keep the reduction of sugar crystals. And to prevent the relative separation of oil and water in the syrup. Gelatin is used as a binder in candy manufacturing. It is good for forming and cutting. This prevents the breakage of various types of candies and improves the yield.

The general addition amount of gelatin in candies is 5%-10%. In candy production, gelatin is more elastic and transparent than starch. Especially when producing soft candies with sufficient elasticity. This requires high-quality gelatin with high gel strength.

The main points of making gelatin candy

The fibrous protein of gelatin is very susceptible to acid damage. Until it loses the characteristics of fibers, the properties of gelatin will change. The change of gelatin under the action of acid and alkali takes water as the medium. This process turns gelatin into amino acids. Therefore, we should pay attention to the influence of the presence of acid in the soft candy on the gelatin strength of gelatin.

When choosing gelatin, the important thing is the gel strength. High-quality gelatin will also gel at a concentration below 1%. Gelatin production uses viscosity to control the quality of gelatin. The higher the water absorption, the higher the viscosity. Therefore, the strength of the choose gelatin must meet the applicable standards for production. The problems to be paid attention to in the formulation of gelatin gums are the amount of gelatin and the choice of anti-crystallization substances.

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