We always use gelatin sheet make cake in our daily life. How to use marine leaf gelatin make cake. Our company, huaxuan gelatin is gelatin wholesale company. Therefore we can tell you to study make it.

Firstly, gelatin have many species. It have gelatin sheet and granule. You can choose whatever you like and make the cake by gelatin.

How to use marine leaf gelatin make cake

To make a cake you will need high quality, odorless, colorless leaf gelatin with a high bloom value and two gelatin art tools.Prepare 1 liter of transparent gelatin and put it in the refrigerator overnight. The recipe for the gelatin primer can find here. When you are ready to start work, prepare the colorant and let it cool to room temperature. The color formula can find here. The pigment will thicken as it cools down. If it becomes too thick to use, put it in a metal container. Put it in warm tap water and let it become liquid again. Before you start, use a spoon or watermelon ball to dig a small hole in the middle.

Add colors to decorate cake

Separate a small amount of color base and add a little bit of color to it. This will serve as a cake center. Pick a small marine leaf gelatin art tool. Switch to larger tools as you move away from the center and add more of the white color base with each new row.Prepare a small amount of transparent gelatin and add a little color. Pour it on the cake. Put it in the refrigerator to solidify. Use the recipe here to prepare the creamy mousse base and pour it on the bottom of the cake.

Freezing is also important

Put the cake in the refrigerator for several hours. To remove the cake from the container, place the container in warm tap water for a few seconds. When the cake moves freely in the container, cover it with a plate and turn it upside down. Let the cake fall out of the container and place it gently on the plate. Be careful when taking out the cake. If you leave it in warm water for a long time, a lot of melted gelatin will pour out of the container. Place the cake over the sink until all the liquid gelatin comes out. If necessary, decorate the cake with whipped cream and serve.It make cake by leaf gelatin .

Use marine leaf gelatin make cake

Marine leaf gelatin also have other application

Gelatin sheet make cake.From hard to creamy to fluffy-the importance of food texture is often will overlook. But good taste alone cannot make a perfect product. To be sure, the texture of cakes and other sweet breads is crucial.

Take whipped cream as an example: before adding it to a cake or pie filling, it must be stable. Otherwise the filling may collapse or the cake may become too wet. The important thing is that the whipped cream has a special texture: creamy. But it has a certain degree of hardness so that the cake or filling can maintain its shape. Many amateur bakers and pastry chefs often face this challenge. The solution is stabilized with flake gelatin.

The best way to use gelatin is in the cake. The flavor of cherries, dark chocolate sponge and cherry-flavored cream blend together. It’s that interesting. It always uses gelatin to keep the cream stiff.

The usage of gelatin

It’s like a complicated cake recipe. With the help of gelatin make cake, fruit cream flakes will be more successful. However, some fresh fruits, such as pineapple and kiwi, are incompatible with gelatin. The proteolytic enzymes or proteases in these fruits destroy the structure of gelatin and prevent it from gelling. Heating or blanching the fruit will destroy these enzymes, so they no longer harm the gelatin. But if you want to make things easier, use canned fruit. Other fruits that contain proteolytic enzymes include figs, mangoes and papaya.

Most confectioners today use flake gelatin. Because compared with gelatin powder, it has one major advantage: handling. Quantifying gelatin powder can be challenging. Because you need to accurately calculate how much powder should be added to how much liquid. Gel film does not have this problem. However, because a single worksheet (or “leaf”) is standardized. This means that each provides exactly the same gelling ability. All you have to do is to calculate the amount of paper required. The processing itself is easy. First, soak the gelatin leaves in cold water. Then squeeze out the excess water. Finally, the gelatin is added to the other ingredients and stirred until dissolved. It’s easy.

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