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The role of pectin

Pectin is a natural and commercially produced basic ingredient in candies. Without pectin, the candy would not gel. Pectin is a kind of starch. It occurs naturally in the cell walls of fruits and vegetables and gives them structure. When combined with sugar and acid, it gives the candy a semi-solid texture when cooled. Some fruits have high natural pectin content. Commercial pectin is usually take out from citrus peel. It is sold in dry powder and liquid form and is expensive.

There are two main types of pectin: high methoxy (HM) and low methoxy. High methoxy pectin is the most common type. The fast-setting HM is best for thick jams. The slow-setting HM is suitable for transparent jelly. Low methoxy pectin is suitable for low-sugar preserves. It is usually made for low-sugar recipes. Because different types of pectin have different functions, it is best to choose the correct pectin to use. If you find that the candies are too hard or too soft, you can adjust the quantity accordingly at any time. So we can use pectin to make candy at home.

Use pectin to make candy

The methods of use pectin making candy

Pectin is used to thicken recipes containing low-pectin fruits. Some fruits, especially very mature fruits, have relatively little pectin. For these fruits, if pectin is not add, a large amount of sugar may add to make a properly solidified candy. This way the cooking time is too long, causing the candy to taste not like fruit. To understand the amount of pectin in fruit, you need to mix 1 tablespoon of alcohol with 1 teaspoon of fruit juice. If it is firm, it has a high pectin content. And the mixture becomes a loose gel-like substance, its pectin grade is medium. If it does not set or form gel bars at all, the pectin content is low. Therefore we can use pectin to make candy at home.

Pectin can also use in other dishes that require thickening of food. And as a fat substitute in certain baked goods. The type of pectin use will determine how it is add to the recipe. Because high methoxy pectin needs to cook with acid and sugar at high temperature to form a gel. The low methoxy pectin can activate at room temperature. Therefore, HM pectin will add to the hot fruit mixture as soon as possible. The low methoxy pectin is usually mix with a little sugar and then add to hot fruits in recipes. The liquid pectin is pour into the pot of hot fruit mixture almost at the end of cooking. After adding pectin, make sure not to overcook the recipe. Because boiling over the gel point or insufficient stirring, it will help decompose pectin. Thereby we can use pectin to make candy.

The storage of pectin

Pectin powder and liquid can find in large supermarkets and tins. Pectin products can also purchase in stores and online. The powder is sale in cans and bags. Then the liquid is pack in multiple sachets and sold in boxes. So dry pectin and liquid pectin need to store in different ways. The powder can be stored in the storage room and is best used within one year. If saved to the next canning season, it may not perform so well. So liquid pectin should store in the refrigerator and use within a week.

Homemade pectin can store in the refrigerator for up to three days. For longer storage, pectin can be frozen or stored in a boiling water bath. The shelf life of frozen pectin is up to six months. The shelf life of canned pectin is as long as one year.

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