Collagen in human skin is type I and III collagen. This is the type of collagen that women most want to get. They can improve the skin and strengthen the immune system. We will introduce to you, that is wholesaler introduces collagen to you.

Wholesaler introduces collagen

Wholesaler introduces type I collagen and type III collagen

Type I collagen and type III collagen are closely related to the repair process and quality of skin damage. Normal baby skin type 3 collagen accounts for 80%. With growth and development, type 3 collagen continues to decrease, and type I collagen continues to increase. The collagen composition of adult skin is 80% of type I and 20% of type III. In the process of ECM synthesis, the baby’s body is compare with the adult body: the value of type 3 collagen in the baby’s skin is 80% higher than that of type I collagen. The mechanism of scarless healing in infants is due to the strong synthesis ability of type 3 collagen in infant skin. In the process of wound repair, fibroblasts differentiated from bone marrow-derived stem cells play a key core role in synthesizing type 3 collagen.

Type I collagen is relatively hard collagen, and type 3 collagen is elastic collagen. Type I and III collagen mainly exist in connective tissues such as skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Form the extracellular matrix network structure. Play the role of supporting organs and protecting the body. It is also related to cell attachment and cell migration.

The content of type 3 collagen in baby skin accounts for more than 80%. Therefore, it has excellent elasticity and repair function. The loss of type III collagen in adult skin decreases with age. At the same time, the adult dermis no longer has the ability to synthesize type III collagen. Only type I collagen can be synthesized, so the healing of wounds often leaves scars.

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