Collagen tripeptide ctp is our essential collagen. With the passing of type III collagen. We need to supplement it. As one of the best collagen manufacturers in China, we are honored to introduce to you one kind of collagen — type III collagen. The following is an introduction to you the characteristics of type Ⅲ collagen.

type Ⅲ collagen

What is type III collagen

Type III collagen is the domainate collagen in human skin, fascia, and tendons. The ratio to type I collagen is 4 to 1. The micro-collagen layer can observe with the help of CLSM laser scanning confocal microscope and OCT optical coherence tomography scanning technology, which can not see by common microscope or technology. Then, collagen tripeptide is relatively small and exists between the epidermis and dermis. Call it “baby collagen”. The micro-collagen layer (Cushion Network) is mainly composed of collagen tripeptide. Refers to the tissue structure located between the epidermis layer and the dermis layer. It is the key to support the epidermis. Furthermore, it is also the first step for skin collapse.

Characteristics of type Ⅲ collagen

Collagen tripeptide is immature, unstable, and has low elastic tension. Smoking causes an increase in collagen tripeptide. Besides, it destroys the balance between type I and type III collagen. Thus destroying the strength and integrity of the fascia tissue. This leads to the occurrence of hernias.

Preparation method of collagen tripeptide

The purification method of recombinant human collagen tripeptide is at a temperature of 65#75℃. Heat treatment, fermented broth obtained from recombinant yeast with the ability to express recombinant human collagen tripeptide. Because it effectively prevents the recombinant human collagen tripeptide in the fermentation broth from degrading into small molecule peptides. And then reduce the production of endotoxin in the fermentation broth. The purity of recombinant human-derived type III collagen is greatly improve, reaching high-purity collagen that meets the requirements of cosmetic raw materials, medical equipment, and medical grade. Furthermore, the recombinant human-derived collagen tripeptide prepared by the method for preparing the recombinant human-derived collagen tripeptide has high purity and low endotoxin content. Moreover, it meets the requirements of cosmetic raw materials, medical equipment and medical grade high-purity collagen.

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