As a distributor of bovine collagen, we have many years of experience in collagen business. The following is the distributor introduces to you the benefits of bovine collagen in detail.

bovine collagen

Distributor introduces the six benefits of bovine collagen

1. Treatment of osteoarthritis

Let me introduce you to the first benefit of bovine collagen is treatment of osteoporosis. Research on the value of collagen in the treatment of arthritis and other bone and joint diseases continues. However, there is increasing evidence that collagen hydrolysate may be able to help patients with osteoarthritis (OA). When you have osteoarthritis, it can cause articular cartilage to harden and lose flexibility. Thus, a decline in joint health makes patients more vulnerable to joint damage.

2. Improve intestinal health

The second benefit of bovine collagen is that it can improve intestinal health. Collagen contains important amino acids and has been proven to be beneficial to your entire gastrointestinal system. That includes the stomach and intestines. Studies have shown that glycine, one of these amino acids, can actually improve digestion by increasing gastric acid or gastric acid. Therefore, this acid is an essential digestive juice in the stomach.

3. Build muscles and repair tissues

The third benefit of bovine collagen is that it can build muscles and repair tissues. Bovine collagen is a structural protein found in cow. Therefore it itself is a source of ultra-high protein. More specifically, bovine collagen includes type I and type III collagen. Moreover, they are the best type of collagen to consume during exercise and exercise. Muscle recovery Type I and Type III collagen especially support the tendons and ligaments you use every time you exercise.

4. Promote deeper sleep

The most richer amino acid in collagen is glycine. An immunonutrient that supports a healthy inflammatory response and promotes deeper and more restorative sleep. Human and animal studies have shown that glycine affects neurotransmitters in ways that promote better sleep quality. Furthermore, make bovine collagen a natural sleep aid.

5. Improve skin quality

When used internally, collagen can truly improve the overall health of the skin. Thus it is a natural skin care product. It helps to form elastin and other compounds in the skin. Thereby maintaining the youthful tone, texture and appearance of the skin. Collagen can help reduce visible wrinkles, reduce puffiness and fight various other signs of aging.

6. Used as a local treatment

Bovine collagen is also usually used to help solve some common problems. For itching near the anus (anal pruritus), using a cream containing 5% bovine collagen two or more times a day can ease the pain. Besides, bovine collagen may also help reduce hemorrhoid symptoms when used outside the rectum.

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