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Customized gelatin capsules

Capsules is very important in our life. We will use it frequently. We also provide to customized gelatin capsules. So you can study about it.

Our product specifications

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The role and benefits of customized gelatin capsules

The capsule shell not only makes it more convenient to take the medicine, but also stabilizes the performance of the medicine and improves the efficacy of the medicine. In addition, it can provide the human body with some trace element phosphorus and some water-soluble proteins. It is a natural substance extracted from animal bones.It can also promote the metabolism of human tissue cells and enhance the bone density of the human body. However, the health effect of the capsule shell is not obvious, because people take a small number of capsule shells.

Some medicines have a bad taste and are easily inhaled into the trachea to cause choking, or are easily broken down by saliva in the mouth. Some drugs can irritate the esophagus and gastric mucosa, and may even cause burns. The capsule shell not only protects the esophagus and respiratory tract, but also keeps the drug properties from being destroyed.



  1. The role and benefits of custom gelatin capsules​
  2. The processing of custom gelatin capsules​
  3. What is gelatin capsules?​

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    Customized capsule color

    We can match any color you provide in gelatin and capsules. All sizes, colors and varieties Capsules can be customized with your brand’s logo, dosage or other required information.

    Customized capsule size

    You can always choose to use a larger capsule than the brand requires, although the biggest determinant of capsule size must be capacity. We provide a full range of capsule sizes.

    Customized capsule flavor

    We can produce capsules with various customized flavors. They are very popular with consumers because of their delicious taste and smell. If your product has a pungent taste, you can customize the capsule shell, which can mask this taste and make your product more attractive.

    Customized capsule taste

    One of the biggest problems associated with many of these drugs is taste. This is why some manufacturers go to great lengths to add flavors that appeal to users. Even so, there are still many products with residual taste. First of all, the way of the capsule shell makes the problem of residual taste a perfect solution. By swallowing the capsule, the taste will not be left behind. In addition, most of the content in these capsule shells is tasteless. This is because they have gone through a large number of production processes. As mentioned above, you will not grind the capsules with your teeth and have less contact. Therefore, you will not encounter unpleasant tastes.

    One of the main reasons why many people switch to Customized gelatin capsules is to avoid the strong taste of the liquid. The advantage of taking capsules is that there are a variety of ingredient combinations to choose from. They can be handy if the specific disease you are treating requires mixing vinegar with other substances to increase its effectiveness. Capsules also allow you to track your intake more easily without having to pull out the measuring cup. In the capsule form, you can also avoid possible tooth enamel corrosion due to the acidic quality.


    Fit your lifestyle

    Many other forms of products can only withstand certain atmospheric conditions. They lose their effectiveness when exposed to inappropriate temperatures. Therefore, they need to be kept properly. Although we are not saying that capsules can be handled in any way, you should know that they are easily integrated into your lifestyle. For example, you can easily pack them with clothes when you travel and use them anytime, anywhere. The protective coating of the capsule helps protect the inner wall of the capsule. Therefore, it is not just packaging that plays a protective role. People who cannot take additional steps to keep their cannabidiol products may need to consider this option.

    Bypass the stomach

    There are many ways or ways to get drugs directly into the body. Each route has its advantages and disadvantages. You should also know that certain drugs work better when used in a specific way or route. One of the biggest problems with many ingested products is that they have to deal with the stomach. This is because the acid and metabolic activity in this area will reduce the amount that the body ultimately benefits. The reason is because these capsules have a protective coating. The coating can resist the activity of these acids and adverse metabolic activity.

    The shell of the capsule is made of glutinous rice. It will become sticky when it melts in water during swallowing, and it will easily adhere to the digestive tract. Therefore, you must drink water before swallowing the capsule medicine to keep the digestive tract moist, so that the capsule will not get stuck in the esophagus and cause trouble. Necessary harm. The hollow capsule shell used to encapsulate drug particles belongs to a kind of pharmaceutical excipients, which is equivalent to a container for medicines, but is different from general packaging containers. Since hollow capsules have no curative effect, they have to be taken orally into the human digestive system together with the internal medicine, and finally absorbed by the human body. Therefore, the quality and safety of hollow capsules are directly related to the quality and safety of medicines. According to relevant experts, the processing technology of hollow capsules is actually not complicated. Usually, some medicinal gelatin and food coloring are mixed into raw materials in proportion, and then compressed and molded.

    The processing of customized gelatin capsules

    When the mixture used works or operates as expected when exposed to moisture and heat, the dry granulation process is usually used. The main difference in this process is that the liquid is never introduced into the mixture. After mixing the prepared ingredients, the powder will be fed into a machine that will apply tremendous pressure and force to make the powder tighter and increase the bulk density. The required force depends on the mixture, its composition and the required density.

    The packaging process

    Manufacturing nutritional capsules is a process that requires many steps to achieve perfection. When producing these capsules, materials must be collected. After preparing all the materials, they are combined with hot demineralized water and mixed in the machine by vacuum. Over time, if needed, more hot water, dye, and sunscreen will be added to the mixture. When prepared, the mixture will be molded around a steel needle into a capsule of the correct size and shape. Then dry both ends of the capsule together. The temperature and humidity levels are monitored to correctly achieve optimal drying of the capsules. After the process of preparing and drying the capsule, the lid and body will be trimmed. The capsules are put together, ready to be filled and sent. The use of animal skins such as pig and cattle double-layer skin to make medicinal capsules has been practically used. The method is to use acid-base and low heat to degrade the collagen in animal skins into gelatin protein, extract gelatin, and then dissolve and glue the gelatin to shape it. Dry and solidify. The collagen in animal skin is directly used to prepare collagen, and then the medicinal capsule is made through modeling and other treatments. There is no report and actual use so far. Use animal skins to make collagen, and then make edible collagen casings from collagen.

    Gelatin extraction process

    The treatment process is complicated, the raw materials are used low, and the three wastes are discharged. In the process of gelatin molding and drying to make capsules, the requirements for temperature, humidity, colloidal concentration and gelatin quality indicators such as viscosity, freezing power, fluidity, etc. are strict. A lot of equipment is needed. Because the molecular weight of gelatin protein is small, it has great cohesiveness in water or moisture absorption, and has poor heat resistance. Gelatin capsules have inconveniences in making, using, eating and storing. Gelatin capsules have low strength and high brittleness, and require more raw materials for production. There are inconveniences in production and storage. In order to reduce water solubility and increase water solubility, it needs to be treated with a fixative. The residual fixative has a certain effect on the human body. Adverse effects. Using collagen to make capsules can reduce the processing steps, discharge three wastes, and have long collagen fibers. The prepared capsules have high dry strength, good toughness, and less breakage. They require less materials and dissolve in water and acid, so the production process is unnecessary. Or use less fixative. Since collagen has stronger self-adhesiveness than gelatin, the colloid with the same solid content has high collagen strength, low fluidity, good rigidity, and low bonding strength, which has obvious advantages in manufacturing. The mold can be coated with a large amount of release agent for easy demolding, and it can be directly sprayed on the mold to form, dry and perform other treatments. Instead of making gelatin capsules like gelatin capsules, the gelatin colloid is glued on the mold, and the film is sprayed to form the film, which is easy to coat the film uniformly and the coating thickness is accurate. The appearance and other dimensions of the finished product are easy to control, and because the amount of collagen used is small, the deviation of the thickness of the capsule wall caused by the deviation of the concentration during modeling is small, which is beneficial to the dimensional accuracy of the finished product. The production of collagen capsules is made by coating and drying collagen. The temperature, viscosity, environmental temperature, and humidity of the colloid are small during the production process. The medicinal capsule made of animal skin collagen can replace the medicinal capsule made of gelatin, and its usage and medicinal value are the same as gelatin capsules.

    What is gelatin capsules?

    Gelatin hollow capsules are composed of two capsule shells, a cover body and a body part. They are refined medicinal gelatin and auxiliary materials, and are mainly used to hold solid medicines. In order to help users solve the problem of unpalatable and poor taste, homemade powders, health products, medicines, etc. have all improved this series of problems. In addition, the capsules can also be printed with text, trademarks and patterns, presenting a unique customized appearance.

    The hollow hard capsules made of gelatin and auxiliary materials constitute the gelatin hollow capsules. In order for us to swallow better, the shape of the capsule is usually very slender. This is why Customized gelatin capsules are the most popular dosage form for consumers. In addition, the capsule can effectively conceal the uncomfortable taste and smell of the contents, and it is truly realized that the good medicine is no longer bitter. Various powders, liquids, semi-solids and tablets can be contained in the capsule shell. The reason why the capsule can be dissolved quickly, reliably and safely is because of its good bioavailability.

    Most capsules are made of gelatin. Customized gelatin capsules is widely used in many foods. Examples include preserves, chewing candies, puddings, candies, icings, food fillings and dips. In food, gelatin can help food thicken, stabilize, solidify and breathe.Gelatin is very popular because it is nutritious and contains low-fat food ingredients. The water-soluble protein extracted from collagen can form gelatin. The main natural protein component in connective tissue is collagen. We generally extract gelatin from animal skin and bones through a controlled extraction process. There are many types of gelatin. Pharmaceutical grade gelatin meets the strict requirements of pharmaceutical products and can be made into capsules. Forming a layer of gelatin film on the stainless steel mold is the first step of the capsule production process. We have two size molds for the capsule body and another larger diameter mold for the capsule cover.

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