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hard transparent capsule
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Hard transparent capsules

What advantages of hard transparent capsules we wholesale?

Quality of our hard transparent capsule could be more guaranteed.

We have started to supply hard transparent capsules from 2006. As the manufacturer of gelatin, the quality of hard gelatin capsule controlled from production of gelatin is more guaranteed. While some manufacturers of capsule in India imported industrial gelatin with Chrome more than 100ppm for making capsule.

We only supply pharmaceutical gelatin with Chrome less than 2ppm for capsule use due to our faith of high responsibility to end consumers. The resistance to brittleness of our transparent capsule is better a lot because we supplied gelatin with special range of Iso-Electron point to produce transparent capsules.

Why need to produce hard transparent capsules?

both cap and the body can be made in full transparent color. Or Cap is transparent Due to the similar size and diameters, it is difficult to distinguish the cap and the container. Therefore, in order to ensure that the production is not prone to errors, we prefer to use different colors to distinguish two parts of different calibers, so as to avoid errors in mass production. One side of the capsule shell is a transparent shell, which allows users to clearly see whether the inside of the capsule is granular or powder, which is convenient to use. In addition, the particles or powder inside some capsules will change when they deteriorate. The transparent side is convenient for users to observe and reduce the risk.
Another reason is to cover up its unsightly appearance and make it easier for people to accept from the senses. Especially for children, colored capsules make them less scared.

Main ingredient in hard transparent capsules?

The main ingredient of our hard clear capsules is gelatin. It is a harmless, inexpensive, edible, degradable protein product that is easy to store and use. They are all approved additives for food and medicine. Moreover, the daily acceptable intake of gelatin and titanium dioxide is not limited. When gelatin is used in pets such as cats and dogs, no obvious harm has been found. Because of these properties, gelatin has dominated capsule production for 100 years.

Types of gelatin we used in hard transparent capsules

For hard clear capsules, the types of gelatin used in capsule includes beef bone gelatin, beef Skin gelatin, pig skin gelatin, fish gelatin .There are many slight differences among them. The key factors of gelatin for transparent capsule use are transmission, jelly strength and viscosity.

Regarding transmission of gelatin for transparent capsle, the data of transmission of our gelatin is always more than 90% under wave of 620nm. A case in point the picture below is the gelatin jelly with water. The left one is the highest transparent we used for making transparent capsule. The right one have common transparent. it is used for colorful capsule due to no needing for transparency.

Regarding jelly strength for hard clear capsule, the bloom No of gelatin is always 220-240 bloom.
Some manufacture used to try using another supplier’s 240bloom gelatin to make capsule, but found high rate of bad capsule. Then this matter was improved after using our supplied gelatin of 240bloom. The stability of our gelatin is higher a lot. Its jelly strength could be not reduced during process of production for capsule.

Regarding viscosity of gelatin for transparent capsule, it must be in the range of 4.8-6.5mPa.s.
Such a high viscosity need to be reached by the process of lime treatment for production of gelatin. Some manufacturers used to try with the pure Skin gelatin produced under process of Acid treatment, but we never use it because we have known well that viscosity of gelatin under Acid treatment is always in the range of 2.5mpa.s-3.5mpa.s. It is too low to be workable for producing hard capsule.
In order to reduce frangibility, mixture of alkaline bone gelatin and acid skin gelatin could be used. The Iso-Electron Point of gelatin is always controlled in the range of 5.2-6.0.

The table below shows the specification of gelatin used in transparent capsules: 
 Items Unit Specifications
 Gel Strength 6.67%, 10℃ g 220-240
 Viscosity 6.67%, 60℃ mPas 4.8-6.5
 Visco-down 6.67% 37℃ % <=5
 Molsture % <=14
 Ashes % <=1
 pH 1.0%, 35℃ 5.3-5.9
 pH Isoionlc Point 5.2-6.0
 Insoluble Particles % <=0.1
 Physical Characteristics Light yellow or yellow, translucent,  slightly shiny particles or flakes; odorless and tasteless.
 Transmission 450nm % >=80
 Transmission 620nm % >=93
 Sulfur dioxide (SO2) mg/kg <=30
 Oxidizing Substance (is H2O2) No blue
 E-Coli 1g Not Detected
 Pseudomonas aeruginosa 10g Not Detected
 Staphylococcus aureus 1g Not Detected
 Salmonella 10g Not Detected
 Total Bacteria Count CFU/g <=1000
 Yeast and Mould CFU/g <=100
 Chromium (Cr) mg/kg <=2
 Conductivity 1%, 30℃ mS/cm <=0.5
 Arsenic (As) mg/kg <=0.8
 Heavy Metal mg/kg <=50

What sizes of hard transparent capsules we wholesale?

most of buyers purchase #0 #1 #2 #3 #4 for human consumption.
But more sizes could be provided by us . more details are listed in below table.

More sizes in below table could be customized.

Empty transparent Capsule Size

Capsule Size00000E000E012345 
Empty transparent Capsule Weight (Gelatin) 
Average Weight (mg)158143123107997661483828 
Empty transparent Capsule Volume Capacity (ml) 
Empty transparent Capsule Weight Capacity by Formulation Density (mg) 
Formulation Density 
0.6 g/ml82260054046840828821616212078 
 0.8 g/ml1096800720624544384288216160104
 1.0 g/ml13701000900780680480360270200130
 1.2 g/ml164412001080936816576432324240156
Empty transparent Capsule Overall Closed Length 
 Tolerance  (mm)±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.3±0.4
 Tolerance inches±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.012±0.016
Empty transparent Capsule Individual Lengths (Cap) 
Cap (mm)12.9512.9511.8011.6810.859.858.808.007.206.20 
 Cap (inches)0.5100.5100.4640.4600.4270.3880.3460.3150.2830.244
Empty transparent Capsule Individual Lengths (Body) 
Body (mm)22.2022.2020.2220.1918.3516.4015.1513.4512.109.30 
 Body (inches)0.8790.8790.7960.7950.7220.6450.5960.5290.4760.366
Empty transparent Capsule External Diameter 
Cap (mm)9.918.588.567.657.646.966.395.855.334.91 
 Cap (inches)0.3900.3380.3370.3010.3010.2740.2520.2300.2100.193
 Body (mm)9.558.258.237.367.356.636.
 Body (inches)0.3750.3760.3220.2890.2890.2900.2400.2200.2000.184
Empty transparent Capsule Quantity Per Case 
Capsules Per Box50,00065,00075,00090,000100,000140000175,000200,000250,000350,000 

The Production process of hard transparent capsule 

The preparation method of the transparent hollow capsule includes the following steps: raw material inspection, animal gelatin feeding, gelatin forming, cutting and fitting, light inspection, re-inspection, printing, printing light inspection, re-inspection, re-inspection, finished product and storage.

mixing the ingredients before making the transparent hollow capsule.

The raw materials of the hollow capsules include pure gelatin and titanium dioxide paste.
The clear capsule ingredient process includes the following steps:
S1, preparation of dissolving gelatin and titanium dioxide paste. The temperature of the pure gelatin is 50- 55℃, the viscosity of the pure gelatin solution is 4.8-6.5 mpa.s;

S2, the pure gelatin solution is placed in the capsule batching device, and titanium dioxide paste is added;

S3, the capsule batching device is activated, and the capsule batching device drives the raw materials Rotate continuously in the same direction, the capsule batching device stirs the raw materials, the stirring rate is 600-700r/min, the stirring time is 10-15min, and then at a temperature of 50-55℃, let it stand for 2-3h, and continue to stir 3-5min, sealed, under the condition of pressure (-0.8)-(-0.85)Bar, let stand for 8-13min, unsealed, stand for 20-30min, and then at a cooling rate of 15-20℃/h, Cool down to room temperature to complete the ingredients of the clear capsule.

How to protect quality transparent capsule with standard package,

Packaging, transportation, storage and filling of Huaxuan hard transparent capsules

Empty capsules are packed in food-grade antistatic plastic bags.
Then put these plastic bags into heavy-duty corrugated boxes.
Then seal the box with BOPP tapping from the top and bottom.
Finally, put the label on the cartons. the cartons have relevant information such as size, color, batch number, box number, and quantity.

hard gelatin capsules in the box are transported by refrigerated container vehicles under conditions.
The temperature is maintained between 10°C and 30°C, and Rh is maintained between 40% and 65%.
All special vehicles used for capsule transportation are equipped with temperature data loggers to ensure that the temperature during transportation is within the specified range.

When not in use, hard transparent capsules should be stored in unopened packaging
The temperature and Rh during storage should be between 20°C to 35°C and 40% to 65%.

During passed 16 years we have received many good comments from oversea buyers who imported our transparent capsule. A case in point, “quality is very good” was mentioned by buyer. Screen cut for buyer’s message below could prove this matter.
More proof could be provided when buyers need.

Delivery time could be shorter. Many manufacturers have purchased our gelatin to make hard capsule for many years with good relationship

When buyer need supply from stock urgently, we always could get supply from some of their stock priority even when we don’t have stock of hard transparent capsules.

We have had received good comments from buyers who imported our transparent capsule. 


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