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Stomach-soluble hollow capsules

Gelatin hollow capsules have stomach-soluble and enteric-coated hollow capsule. So we can learn about stomach-soluble hollow capsules application. In order to use it better later.

Our product specifications

NameGelatin CapsuleVegetarian Capsule
Material100% Bone Glue100% Hypromellose
Heavy Metal Content<40-50ppm<20ppm
Storage Temperature10-25℃10-40 ℃
Low TemperatureBrittle BrokenStable
High TemperatureFlexible SofteningStable
Storage Humidity35-65%35-65%
Filling Rate99.9%>99.9%
Suitable CrowdExcept vegetarian Judaism IslamAll kinds of people
Shelf Life24 months36 months

The benefits of stomach-soluble hollow capsules

The stomach-soluble hollow capsules has an outer shell containing active ingredients and fillers. The internal ingredients must be in the form of a liquid, paste or suspension, in which small particles of the active ingredient are suspended in the liquid. The shell is made of gelatin, usually from beef or pork, and plasticizers such as water and glycerin to provide durability and flexibility. Stomach dissolving capsule shells are beneficial to both drug and supplement manufacturers and consumers.


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    It Easy to digest

    A study dedicated to natural supplements showed that empty stomach dissolving capsules are easily digested and dissolved within a few minutes of reaching the stomach. This ensures that the medicine or supplement does not pass through the digestive system without being absorbed. The use of gastric soluble empty capsules can improve the bioavailability of malabsorbed or poorly soluble nutrients. Through stabilization, solubilization, or other techniques, manufacturers can increase the effectiveness of nutrients such as carotene and certain herbal extracts. Many of these methods are impossible for solid materials.

    It very tightly sealed

    Unlike any other types of capsules, empty gastric capsules are sealed and airtight. This makes them tamper-proof, as any puncture on the surface will cause obvious damage. In addition, the sealed capsule protects the active ingredients from oxygen, which is especially important for substances that are prone to spoilage. If the capsule is opaque, it can also protect the active ingredients from light, which can spoil certain substances.

    It safety to eat capsules

    Due to its smooth texture, empty stomach capsules are easier to swallow by some people than tablets and other capsules. They also hide the unpleasant taste and smell of fish oil, and a teaspoon may not be suitable. Gelatin is generally safe to eat and harmless. It provides a small amount of protein and amino acids, usually from pork or beef. However, if a person is allergic to beef or pork, or does not want to consume them, he can easily empty the contents of the capsule without any gelatin and pour it into water or juice.

    Improve product stability

    The advantages of gastric dissolving capsule shell include effective oxygen barrier and excellent chemical stability, which can improve the stability of the product. For example, it is sensitive to temperature, light and heat, and the instability of ingredients will affect the manufacture of capsules. In addition, the uniformity of the dosage unit of the capsule is good, and different types of capsules can be made according to the needs. Another common type used in dietary supplements is the tablet form, which requires high pressure to help shape it. However, the pressure and temperature during manufacturing may damage the activity of sensitive components. In addition, the tablets must be film-coated to increase moisture resistance. The composition of the coating contains a large number of chemical additives, including titanium dioxide and talc. All of these points to potential risks and hazards. Some cheaper tablet products have also added artificial coloring to the coating, which has caused a great burden on our body.

    Promote heart health

    Last but not least, these stomach-soluble capsules can also reduce heart disease. They can lower triglycerides in the blood and lower blood pressure. In addition, it will increase good cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. In view of the multiple advantages of gastric-soluble capsule shells, our products have specially selected the capsule form. We also emphasize the use of gastric-soluble capsule shells, because compared with animal gelatin capsules, gastric-soluble capsule shells have a better taste due to the natural ingredients. The shell of stomach dissolving capsules is stable under low humidity conditions, with low water content and low static charge, which is more suitable for oxygen-sensitive and immediate-release drugs. These features make the content safer, more soluble, and have a more significant impact on users. We are also very cautious in the choice of capsule size. Generally speaking, the size of the hard case affects user acceptance and compliance. We choose the smallest size capsules to make the product easier to swallow, thereby reducing user discomfort and rejection. We always consider your health and try our best to provide the best nutritional supplements from the perspective of consumers.

    Improve patient compliance

    This is because capsules tend to be smaller, which makes them easier to swallow, and they perfectly mask the unpleasant taste associated with liquid medications or tablets. Another advantage is that the shells of gastric dissolving capsules are customizable. They have different shapes, sizes and colors, so you can quickly identify them. Gelatin is an animal protein derived from collagen and can be made into capsules. However, in recent years, plant-based alternatives have appeared on the market to meet the needs of vegetarians.

    It will Cost-effectiveness

    Compared with alternative excipients, gastrolytic capsule shells are the most cost-effective. The ingredient cost of the first-generation hard capsules is about four times that of gelatin, and the manufacturing cost of the gastric-soluble capsule shell is about three times that. This of course will have an impact on the cost of the healthcare system, consumers and taxpayers.

    It have Mechanical resistance

    The capsule must be strong enough to cope with mechanical stress. Any weakness can lead to defects. Stomach dissolving capsules are by far the most tolerated. Speaking of soft capsules, it has the same strength as gelatin and modified starch.

    It have Water permeability

    Another consideration is moisture penetration. Depending on the type of capsule, steam will have different effects. The gastric soluble capsule shell is better in terms of water permeability.

    The Processing of stomach-soluble hollow capsules

    Capsule shell quick sol method and its equipment manufacturing method. Gelatin liquid is needed to make the capsule shell. The gelatin liquid should not have bubbles in the gelatin liquid during use, otherwise it will affect the appearance of the capsule shell and the quality of the product. Therefore, the air needs to be removed during the production process to prevent the air from entering during the storage process. The traditional method has the problems of long production time of gelatin liquid and long storage and degassing time. At the same time, the quality of gelatin liquid is affected by the long time for producing and storing the degassing of gelatin liquid. Our purpose is to provide a fast sol method for capsule shells, the gelatin liquid preparation time is short, and the prepared gelatin liquid is of good quality.

    Turn on the heating device to heat the sol unit, and add solid materials to the sol unit. After the solid materials are added, the sol unit is vacuumed. The preheated pure water in the purified water unit is added to the sol unit, and the vacuum in the sol unit is maintained. Add glycerin to the sol unit. Turn on the stirrer in the sol unit to melt the solid materials in the sol unit to form a gelatin liquid, and maintain the vacuum in the sol unit. When the stirring time reaches the predetermined time, the stirring is stopped, and the water vapor generated in the sol unit is pumped out. When the pumping reaches the predetermined value, the vacuuming is stopped. The gelatin liquid in the sol unit is transferred to the thermal insulation transfer unit.

    By adopting the above technical scheme, the fixed material is added first and then the pure water is added, and the solid material is covered by the pure water. When there is air in the sol unit, it will not enter the gelatin liquid. The solid materials in the feeding step include gelatin powder and pigments for making capsules. After the solid materials are added, vacuum the sol unit to extract the air mixed in the solid materials, so as to avoid the air in the solid materials from being mixed into the gelatin liquid to form bubbles. Since the pure water is preheated, the time for the heating device to heat the sol unit is reduced, and the production efficiency is improved. After the pure water and glycerin are added, the sol unit needs to be evacuated to remove the air in the material and prevent the air in the material from turning into bubbles in the gelatin liquid.

    Compared with the removal of air bubbles in the gelatin liquid in the traditional method, the effect of vacuuming and degassing the material is better, and the removal efficiency is higher. Vacuum is applied during the stirring process to prevent the air in the sol unit from being mixed into the gelatin liquid. Since each addition of materials is vacuum degassed, there are very few bubbles in the gelatin liquid after the preparation is completed. The problems of difficult degassing and long degassing time in the prior art are solved, and the preparation efficiency is improved while ensuring the quality of the gelatin liquid.

    What is stomach-soluble hollow capsules?

    Drugs are usually packed directly into the capsule shell in the form of powder or granules, unlike tablets that are affected by factors such as pressure during tablet preparation. Therefore, it is rapidly dispersed, dissolved and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, and its bioavailability is higher than that of pills and tablets. The disintegration time of capsules is within 30 minutes, while that of tablets and pills is within 1 hour.

    Capsules can also improve the stability of the drug. Because the drug is contained in the capsule shell and is isolated from the outside world, it can shield, protect and stabilize unstable drugs to a certain extent. When taking capsules, some people feel that the capsule shell is redundant, or feel that the capsule shell is large and difficult to swallow, so they take the medicine by discarding the capsule. This is not correct. Most capsules should be swallowed whole.

    The capsule shell is made of medicinal gelatin, which is soluble in water and gastric acid and is harmless to the human body. Secondly, some of the medicines packed in capsules are irritating to the esophagus and gastric mucosa, and some are easy to volatilize. Removing the capsule shell may cause the loss of the medicine and reduce the efficacy of the medicine. Especially non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, direct use may cause gastric mucosal damage. When taking capsules, some people feel that the capsule shell is redundant, or feel that the capsule shell is large and difficult to swallow, so they take the medicine by discarding the capsule. This is not correct. Most capsules should be swallowed whole.

    The gelatin of the capsule shell is a substance that slowly absorbs water in cold water and becomes soft, but quickly dissolves in hot water. If you eat the capsule with too much hot water, the capsule will become soft and sticky. If you don’t drink enough water, it may stick to the esophagus. In the case of gastric-soluble capsules, hot water will destroy the capsule’s resistance to gastric juice, preventing the medicine that should be protected from passing through the stomach to the intestine. Therefore, cold water and warm water should be used to eat capsules, but not hot water.

    Enteric-coated hollow capsules is good to our body.

    Halal gelatin is a kind of gelatin that complies with Islamic law

    Most capsules are made from gelatin. Gelatin is used in many foods

    Quality of our hard transparent capsule could be more guaranteed.

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