As one of the best pectin manufacturers in China, we have many ways to produce pectin. Now we will introduce the preparation method of manufacture pectin for apple jelly.

Manufacture pectin for apple jelly

One of the production methods of manufacture pectin for apple jelly is ion exchange method

First of all, the pectin extraction method we want to introduce is the ion exchange method.

Pectins are covalently bonded to cell wall hemicellulose. And with other cell wall polymers through secondary bonds. When multivalent cations, especially calcium ions, are present, as a result of cation bonding, they cause insolubility of low-ester pectins and reduce the swelling properties of high-ester pectins. In addition, there are complex mechanical ties between macromolecules of fibrous pectins and other polymers. It also affect the solubility of pectins. Therefore, the acid method alone cannot completely remove the binding or entanglement of the multivalent cations and other impurities in the peel on the pectin. At the same time, various substances other than pectin. Such as polyvalent metal ions, low-molecular substances, and pigments in the peel, remain in the pectin after acid treatment. The quality of the pectin extracted from these impurities has an adverse effect, which is manifested in the pectin’s low gelation degree, high ash content, and poor pectin color.

Therefore, when pectin extraction, acid hydrolysis combine with ion exchange resin at the same time. First, the acid can dissolve the original pectin. As acid hydrolyzes cellulose, pectin polysaccharide complex. Or the acid degrades water-insoluble macromolecules. The multivalent cations in the peel dissolve out, and the cation exchange resin adsorbs the cations. So as to accelerate the dissolution of the original pectin, improve the quality and yield of pectin. The cation exchange resin can absorb low molecular weight substances with a molecular weight of 500 or less, relieve some of the mechanical entanglement of pectin. And thus can also improve the quality and yield of pectin.


The pectin yield of this method is higher than that of the inorganic acid extraction method. And the product quality is high, the production cycle is short, the process is simple, and the cost is low. It is an economically feasible manufacturing method.

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