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Xiamen Huaxuan gelatin is the supplier of the porcine collagen peptide. has Efficient management, good quality, and competitive prices. Our product advantage: low Heavy metal, high protein content:≥90%, pure white, natural, easily absorbed, low Ash content ≤2%, high pureness odorless, no impurity, high dissolution in water:100% dissolved


We are the supplier of the porcine collagen peptide. Xiamen Huaxuan gelatin has Efficient management, good quality, and competitive prices that have made us one of the leading companies in this field in Asia.

What is collagen peptide, people may be full of questions about it? Some people don’t know much about collagen and feel that there is no need to buy so-called pig collagen peptides to make themselves healthier. Others feel that they regularly supplement their collagen by eating foods rich in pig collagen, such as chewy candies and pork pies. However, the experience summed up is that it is recommended not to use foods rich in pig collagen directly. Because they are sugary and high fat respectively. Eating too much high-sugar and high-fat food is not good for our health. Now let us know more for it.

The introduction of the porcine collagen peptide

Porcine collagen peptide is very important to the health and appearance of the skin, and this protein then plays an important role in reducing the typical signs of aging.
Porcine collagen peptide plays a key role in giving skin elasticity, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This protein also tightens sagging skin and even evens out skin tone.

Benefits of porcine collagen peptide

Porcine collagen is rich in type I and III collagens, they are mainly found in the skin. Therefore, taking porcine collagen supplements regularly can keep the skin healthy and better structured. Type I and III collagen supplements as long as they are mostly used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, then a more youthful appearance.
Pig collagen is rich in amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Pig collagen in particular is rich in proline and glycine.
Proline is one of the most important components of collagen, so our bodies use it to make collagen, which then helps maintain the structure of the skin to keep it looking smooth. Glycine, another important amino acid that makes collagen, also makes your skin look younger.

Our product advantage

  • Low Heavy metal
  • hight protein content:≥90%
  • pure white, natural
  • Easily absorbed
  • low Ash content ≤2%
  • High pureness odorless, no impurity
  • High dissolution in water:100% dissolved

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