We often use capsules in our daily lives. Of course we can also customize the capsule. We can use the benefits of customized capsules. Our company, huaxuan gelatin is customized gelatin capsules company.

Why choose custom capsule shell?

In many areas of nutrition and health, the demand for customized brands and products is increasing. Many pharmaceutical companies enhance the image of their products by printing patterns and text. So let consumers believe in the quality of our work. Because these characteristics can make them unique in the market. Therefore, custom capsule shells have also become a popular trend.

We can print capsules in one or two colors. It also includes corrected or uncorrected. It can also axial or radial. This can meet customer requirements. The provision of these technologies can enable us to better meet customer-specific requirements. At the same time, there are many advantages to customizing the capsule shell. This benefit can make us feel at ease to use.

The benefits of customized capsules

The benefits of custom shell

1. It can protect the product

Capsules as a protective barrier for internal medicine components. Especially when we use custom capsule encapsulation. The capsule wall provides great protection for the ingredients. For example, some medical ingredients are sensitive to light. May degrade if exposed to light. Custom capsules can be made opaque. This provides significant protection for the product.

In addition, customized capsules can also isolate oxygen and moisture. Because both of these will increase the degradation rate of the active ingredients of the drug. This means that custom capsules can provide a barrier to oxygen and moisture. Thereby prolonging the service life of certain drugs. This not only makes the medicine more effective for consumers. And it helps manufacturers create more stable products. Therefore, customized capsules can better protect the product.

2. It can easier to identify

In terms of the manufacturing process itself, packaging has many benefits. This is because manufacturing encapsulated drugs is usually faster and simpler than other dosage forms. Customized capsules can be customized for identification. This will make it easier for us to distinguish. This customized capsule saves us more time. It also prevents us from accidentally ingesting some medicine capsules.

On the one hand, capsules tend to require fewer other substances. These substances are bulk or filled ingredients. It is mainly to combine the medicinal components of the drug. With fewer other substances, capsules can be faster than other dosage forms. This is also a major benefit of custom capsules. It can make our daily life more convenient. It saves some unnecessary troubles when using the capsules.

3. It can custom many forms

Capsules are one of the more common dosage forms in our lives. Mainly because they are often favored by consumers. From a consumer’s point of view, customized capsules offer many advantages. Because capsules often require fewer ingredients. This means they can be made smaller. It will also be easier to swallow. Consumers in particular find that customized capsules are easy to swallow.

Custom capsules can also be packaged individually. This is more convenient to carry around. Some important information can also print on the capsule itself. For example, drug name, brand, and dose size. For consumers who may be taking multiple drugs, this helps ensure that they do not accidentally mix different drugs. It is also one of the benefits of custom capsules.

So there have many benefits of customized capsules. If you want to more about custom capsules, you can contact [email protected] .com.