We cannot do without eating and drinking. And these things cannot do without edible gum, which is gelatin. So what are the use of edible gelatin, as gelatin supplier, I will introduce it to you.

the use of edible gelatin

The use of edible gelatin

We use gelatin as a food additive in many years. It is a safe plant fiber that cannot be digested by the human body and has a wide range of uses. In 1985, my country began to produce commercial gelatin. 80% of which was used in food and food-related industries.

Gelatin in food applications

In the food industry, thickening agent, coagulant, suspending agent, emulsifier and stabilizer can use gelatin. Due to its viscosity, coagulability, and the ability to form complexes with some substances with negative charges. Used in cocoa milk, ice cream, tea, jelly, fruit drinks or pudding, etc.

The use of edible gelatin in beverage applications

1、 Edible gelatin in milk drink

Edible gelatin has the ability to complex reaction with cheese protein. So it can form a thixotropic thixotropic structure in milk beverages, prevent precipitation. Due to aggregation between particles, play a suspension and stabilization effect, and give the beverage a strong Taste.

2、Gelatin in cocoa milk

In cocoa milk made from cocoa powder, cocoa powder often precipitates. Adding edible gelatin as a stabilizer, it can make the cocoa powder uniformly dispersed in the milk and prevent the cocoa powder from sinking. This is the use of edible gelatin

3、Edible gelatin in solid drink

A stabilizer in solid beverages use edible gelatin, which can improve its brewing properties. So the beverage is stable and not easy to layer after brewing.

4、Gelatin in fruit juice pulp drink

When some fruit juice drinks are left for a long time. The tiny pulp particles contained in them will sink and affect the appearance, even after high-pressure homogenization. As a suspension and stabilizer, gelatin can suspend fine pulp particles evenly in fruit juice and greatly slow down the sinking rate. At the same time, due to the low viscosity of gelatin, it is not easy to cause life. And can improve the taste when drinking.

5、Edible gelatin in neutral milk beverage

Milk-containing beverages with protein content greater than or equal to 110% are widely sold in the market, mostly flavored. Such as chocolate milk and strawberry milk in supermarkets. Because this type of milk beverage contains less milk and has a relatively thin mouthfeel. Edible gelatin not only stabilizes casein micelles in milk-containing beverages, but also has the effect of thickening and improving product mouthfeel.

6、Edible gelatin in neutral sterilized flavored milk

All sterilized flavored milk are breakfast milk and wheat- flavored milk with protein content greater than or equal to 213%. In this type of neutral milk, the milk content exceeds 80%, and the taste is relatively moderate. Edible gelatin mainly plays a role in stabilizing protein, improving the emulsification performance of the system. And obtaining a special taste in this type of product. Due to the relatively high protein content in this type of dairy system. The interaction with edible gelatin is also relatively strong.

7、The use of edible gelatin in alcoholic beverages

A clarifying agent in alcoholic beverages and also as a foam stabilizer can use edible gelatin. In beer production, beer contains some colloidal substances and some soluble proteins that will make the beer turbid or precipitate, adding a clarifying agent must remove it. Adding edible gelatin as a clarifying agent for beer has simple operation, short production cycle, low cost, and can well stabilize the foam of beer.

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