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Certification: ISO, FDA
Appearance: Granule, Powder
Packaging Material: Plastic
Storage Method: Normal
Shelf Life: >12 Months
Resource: Natural

Model NO. Gelatin Food Grade Gelatin Edible Gelatin
Transport Package 25kg or 20kg Per Bag Specification 18mt packed in 20ft container
Trademark gelatin Origin China
HS Code 3503001001 Production Capacity 3500tons Per Year

We are hot sale high quality fish gelatin wholesale. We all know high quality fish gelatin is a natural protein and a product from marine. Generally speaking,gelatin usually comes from the bones, skin of pigs, beefs. Therefore, it is will restrict some certain consumer groups such as Muslims who only consume halal food. So for those who want gelatin without including cow or pig meat. High quality fish gelatin will become a natural and safe choice. This is also the reason why high quality fish gelatin will hot sale in our life.

How is fish gelatin different from other gelatin?

In terms of production, fish gelatin has a much lower melting temperature than beef or pig gelatin. Generally, it will melting at 75 to 80 degrees Celsius. When we compare high quality fish gelatin to those mammalian gelatins from pigs or cows. We can find that it has properties such as less viscosity and different texture. Therefore, the methods to use this kind of gelatin are sometimes quite limited. However, when the fish gelatin bloom value over 250. This fish gelatin is high quality fish gelatin. It will hot sale in gelatin market.

Advantages and Importance of Marine Gelatin

We all know most porcine and bovine gelatin is unacceptable to Jewish and Muslim consumers. It is also hard to accept by certain consumer groups of some country, religion, or belief. Therefore, high quality fish gelatin is a good solution to this problem. Because it can replace the porcine and bovine gelatin. At the same time, It also can provides the same quality and nutritional value as other types of gelatin. Thus, the high quality fish gelatin market is growing rapidly. It also obviously promoting the market for kosher and halal products.

Fishbones are also become a huge waste from the fish processing industry and fisheries. Because It will have a negative influence in the environment and nature. Therefore, the production and utilization of high quality fish gelatin can meets the needs of consumers. It is also a way to make the industrial waste use in our life and help prevent environmental problems. At the same time, it can promote global sustainability.

Now that we know what is high quality fish gelatin and how does it matter. Then we also need to pay attention to standardized manufacturing procedures. The production of fish gelatin needs all social principles in mind. It is including all beliefs and religions to comply with the rules of certain consumer groups. Huaxuan gelatin is China’s leading fish gelatin producer. Because we have passed the international standard certification. At the same time, we also provides the best producing services to every consumer group of all nationalities, religions, and beliefs.


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Fish Gelatin Wholesale is great to me. It is very delicious.


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The gelatin is very great and very useful.


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This cooperation is very happy.


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The product have high quality.

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