High quality fish skin gelatin manufacturer

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Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin is a very professional manufacturer of fish skin gelatin. The fish skin gelatin we produce is of very high quality, and customers can use it with confidence. This is also our advantage as a fish skin gelatin supplier.


As the manufacturer of fish skin gelatin, the fish skin we use is very high quality. Therefore we produce food, pharmaceutical and technical fish gelatin of the highest quality and standards. Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin has been continuously improving the quality and purity of its products to create the best fish gelatin products on the market today.

High quality fish skin gelatin

Fish gelatin is extracted from the skin and bones of fish and is a natural supplement. It has properties such as stability and gelation. Therefore, fish skin gelatin is an ideal ingredient for all kinds of meat, fish and meat products. Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin has a history of 16 years as a gelatin wholesale manufacturer. We are one of the earliest gelatin manufacturers in China. Our production plants have state-of-the-art workshops and complete laboratories.

Fish skin gelatin is so smooth and pliable that it easily melts in the mouth. As a result, fish skin gelatin is a widely used ingredient in jellies, chocolate fudge and other desserts. It also has foaming properties and excellent surface tensile strength. Therefore we can also use it in marshmallows, toffees and souffles. In addition to this, fish skin gelatin has a strong adhesion that helps the sausage and ham bond. So we can go and buy fish skin gelatin to add to the recipe.

Fish skin gelatin manufacturer

As a fish skin gelatin supplier, our factory has a large production capacity and sufficient inventory to ensure timely delivery. We have also passed the environmental protection requirements of the local government. We supply gelatin to customers all over the world and have earned a good reputation. Due to the high packing density, our standard packing is 25KG gelatin, packed in airtight plastic bags. This ensures that our gelatin arrives in your hands intact packaged.

In addition to producing fish skin gelatin, Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin also produces halal beef gelatin powder, edible pork gelatin and adhesives use animal glue. These gelatin wholesale products are our company’s hot selling products. At the same time, our company also produces food additives such as collagen, peptone and pectin. If you want to know about these products, you can send us an inquiry and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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