Bovine skin gelatin manufacturer

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Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin is a beef skin gelatin manufacturer, we have very rich export experience. Therefore, if you are interested in our products, feel free to send an inquiry and contact us.


We are the manufacturer of bovine skin gelatin. Gelatin is made by boiling the skin and bones of animals, so it is rich in collagen. Many people choose to add gelatin to their recipes to improve their health. Therefore, gelatin wholesale is also more and more popular with the public.

Bovine skin gelatin manufacturer

Bovine skin gelatin is a gelling agent made on the basis of protein. We can use beef skin gelatin in making sweets and jellies. High viscosity gelatin can make candies and jellies more elastic and taste better. Different blooms of beef skin gelatin can be used in different products. The price of gelatin with higher bloom will also increase accordingly. Because bovine skin gelatin has different properties and functions, beef skin gelatin has different applications in different industries.

Adding beef skin gelatin to food stabilizes its consistency and also helps improve the taste of food. Bovine skin gelatin can help food bind better and be easier for the body to digest. Gelatin is rich in protein content, which helps to increase the body’s metabolism.

As a manufacturer of bovine skin gelatin, Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin has been producing gelatin for 16 years. For better cooperation, we can provide samples to customers. We can provide complete certificates related to gelatin. In terms of packaging, our gelatin goods are 25kg per bag, and of course we can also provide customized packaging services for customers. If you have any customization requirements, you can also inform us in advance, and we will customize the products according to customer requirements. This is also our advantage as a beef skin gelatin manufacturer.

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