Hot sale edible pork gelatin manufacturer

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As a pork gelatin manufacturer, we have 16 years of very mature experience. The pork gelatin we produce is very high quality and safe. If you are interested in our products, you can send us an inquiry.


We are the manufacturer of edible pork gelatin. Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin is a company specializing in the production of edible gelatin. We can provide customizable product parameters according to customer requirements.

Hot sale edible pork gelatin

Edible pork gelatin is made from fresh pork and bones, and it can be used in many fields. For example food, pharmaceutical, technology, and other fields. We often use edible pork gelatin for desserts, confections, dairy products, meats, toppings and fillings, beverages, and more. We can supply 80-280 bloom pork gelatin to meet customers’ needs. As a reliable gelatin wholesale supplier, our raw materials are all extracted from pig skins. Edible pork gelatin is a very high-quality food additive.

Pork gelatin with 80-280 bloom, 1.0-4.0 mPa.s viscosity is very popular in food production. Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin will also provide pig gelatin with higher bloom and viscosity according to the different needs of customers. Our annual production volume of gelatin is large, so you can choose us as your gelatin manufacturer with confidence, and we will ensure that your supply chain is stable and secure.

Edible pork gelatin manufacturer

In addition to pork gelatin, Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin also produces gelatin from other raw materials. For example fish skin gelatin, halal beef gelatin powder, gelatin for candy edible gelatin and gelatin powder and leaf gelatin for baking. The pork gelatin we produce has passed strict certificate certification, so our gelatin has safe, healthy, and stable quality. In terms of export, we have extensive export experience in many different countries, which can ensure the smooth arrival of gelatin in your hands.

The packaging bags we produce gelatin are 25 kg per bag, of course, we can also customize the packaging bags according to customer requirements. The packaging bag is two kinds of packaging bags: inner packaging and outer packaging. It can ensure that the gelatin bag will not be scratched and cause the gelatin to fall. If you want to know more products about food additives, you can send us an inquiry at any time, and we will answer all your questions.

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